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The Stihl moisture meter can be used to detect and give a moisture reading level in firewood. This is important if you have a log burning fire or stove. It is essential that you only burn well seasoned wood. As well as being able to detect the moisture levels in firewood the Stihl moisture meter can be used on both paper and cardboard as well. Now this can be particularly useful if you make your own paper logs from old cardboard and newspapers with a briquette maker. Also when you read descriptions on the Stihl moisture meter it is apparent that it has to capability to read moisture levels in concrete and plaster as well. So in theory this makes it a good all round moisture meter to own.

Using the Stihl moisture meter is simple enough to do. It is an intruding two pin moisture meter which means that you have to stick the 2 pins in to any material which you wish to test for moisture. A reading is created by the method of electrical resistance between the two pins on the moisture meter. Reading the results are simplified by the large and clear digital display.

An addition on the Stihl moisture meter is the inbuilt thermometer which can be used to give you a temperature reading of the surrounding area. There are a lot of moisture meters which do not have a thermometer built in to them. Size wise the Stihl moisture meter is compact and fits nicely in the hand making it an extremely versatile and portable moisture meter to own.

Small detail points to like about the Stihl moisture meter are the actual pins on the unit, the back light and the automatic switch off. The pins on this moisture meter are both sturdy and durable and should give you a lot of use before they need to be replaced. The back light on the reading display allows you to read the moisture meter in dark places, such as your wood storage place, and at night time. And to conserve the battery power the automatic switch off turns the moisture meter off if you forget to do it yourself.

Features Of The Stihl Moisture Meter

Stihl Moisture Meter

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Opinion Of The Stihl Moisture Meter

When you buy the Stihl moisture meter it comes with the main unit, battery and user manual. Unlike with many of models of the moisture meter, this meter does not come with a spare set of pins. Initially this can cause disappointment but a thorough examination of the pins on the meter reveal that they are of the usual high standard associated with Stihl. There is a strong possibility that you will never have to change the detecting pins on this moisture meter.

Now when you read the user manual the Stihl moisture meter does everything that is has been designed to do. What is particularly good about it is that you can test your wood and at the same time take a temperature reading of the surrounding area. This is particularly useful in the storage of firewood as storing firewood in a damp environment will not dry it out.

With firewood you need to have a moisture level of less than 20%. The readings this unit provide are clear and concise though it has to be said you need to recheck your wood and confirm each reading. There where a few cases when the original reading came back as zero which can be confusing. Generally though it is a fairly accurate moisture meter, though one has to say that it is a little suspect when it comes to the accuracy concerning low levels of moisture


Using the Stihl moisture meter is very simple and the size of it is ideal. It fit’s the hand snugly and is compact enough to carry around in your pocket. If you misplace it as well, the fact that it is bright orange helps you locate it quite easily.

As far as recommending this moisture meter, for sure it is a good buy at the price and having the Stihl name associated to it gives bags of confidence. We feel that this moisture meter has been solely designed by Stihl to be an accessory to their chainsaws and testing firewood. Though it has capabilities of reading other materials, there are many other better and more advanced moisture meters available. But for firewood alone, yes this is a moisture meter to suit your requirements.

A couple of niggling points have to be added to this review though. Firstly, the Stihl moisture meter comes with a pin protection cap. That’s good but the thing is the cap is not attached to the moisture meter itself. You take it off and put it back on again when you have finished testing. Now it is easy enough to lose this cap and that just strikes me as not being the usual Stihl attention to detail. Secondly the accessibility of the Stihl moisture meter appears to be dropping rapidly. When you check Amazon it is out of stock and they do not know when it will be back in stock.

This could be because so many people have bought one and Stihl can’t match the manufacturing levels with the demand levels. But I’m not sure this is the case because when you browse the Stihl official website the Stihl moisture meter is no longer amongst their products. So perhaps Stihl are not making this moisture meter any more. I have written to Stihl and asked if they still produce the Stihl moisture meter. When I get the reply I shall post it on here.

Wood moisture meter

Concrete moisture meter

Just recently it has come to our attention that we are receiving an increased number of mails concerning the Stihl moisture meter. People are asking us for our opinion on the Stihl moisture meter, is it worth buying and where can it be bought from. So rather than replying to each individual mail we thought it appropriate to add a page to the site dedicated to the Stihl moisture meter.


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Moisture Meter



Display: LCD display


Measuring range: Wood 6-42%


Accuracy: 2%


Size: 80 x 40 x 20 mm


Weight: 50 g



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Being winter time many people tend to stay in and throw a log or two on their fire to keep warm. But as we all know it is very important that the logs thrown on to the fire are well seasoned. Well seasoned logs means that they are properly dried out and will not produce any creosote, as well as burning to their optimum levels. Unfortunately it is not possible to tell whether wood is seasoned properly by touch and feel alone. By looking at the wood and feeling it will give you a pretty good idea of the condition of it, but moisture is invisible to the naked eye. This is where having a wood moisture meter such as the Stihl moisture meter, becomes essential.

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