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Protimeter Timbermaster Moisture Meter


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The Protimeter Timbermaster is a moisture meter specifically designed for use with timber. It is perfect for testing many different species of wood. This particular moisture meter has been highly recommended by the UKTGC (The UK Timber Grading Committee).

With the Timbermaster you have 8 calibration scales which allows the user to test accurately 150 different wood species from all around the world. It is easy to use employing detecting pins and has temperature compensation facility with the temperature probe that can be connected.




Pin meter

Simple design

Durable and rugged

Built in wood calibration scales

LCD display

Auto temp correction

Hammer electrode

Test 150 wood species

Measuring range 7 - 99.9 %

2 x AA batteries

Dimensions 180 x 28 x 49 mm

Weight 150 grams