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Example Of A Weather Station

Weather Station



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A weather station is an instrument that collects data for you that is related to the environment and weather conditions. They use a variety of sensors to achieve this. Weather stations can also be known as weather centres, home weather station or weather forecastor.

Some weather stations will also have a thermometer to measure the temperature, a barometer to measure the atmospheric pressure and other sensors to measure rainfall, wind speeds and humidity.

They can come in anolg or digital versions and some more advanced models can also be linked up to your home computer. How is that for technology ?!

Any data from a weather station can be used to gauge present day weather conditions or indeed, to predict weather conditions in the future.

The uses are endless and weather stations are used by meteorologists, gardeners, farmers and outdoor enthusiasts to name a few.


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For displaying weather in colour one can purchase a digital weather station with a large LCD display. The readings you will get are inddor temperatur, outdoor temperature, humidity and the date.


Depending upon which weather station you want there are several measuring instruments which are or are not included with it.

The thermometer is used to measure the temperature both indoors and outdoors. If you have an advanced weather station it will record all the temperature highs and lows and possibly even be able to predict short term temperature ranges.

The hygrometer will measure relative humidity of the air in a percentage of water vapour. Humidity does affect many environmental factors such as rain, fog, dew point and mist.

The barometer will measure atmospheric pressure. This enables forecasting up coming weather by the changes that take place in the atmospheric pressure.

An anemometer will measure how fast the wind is blowing.

The wind vane will show you the direction that the wind is blowing.

A rain gauge will measure rainfall or liquid precipitation.






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Types Of Sensors Used In A Weather Station