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The Stihl name conjures up images of Old World care and hand-crafted work by artisans of the last century.


The dedication to quality that Stihl applies to the manufacturing industry has made the Stihl petrol chainsaw one of the most popular and sought after models over the last 80 years.


The petrol chainsaw is not the only tool that Stihl develops and manufactures, but all their tools are made with the same high quality whether they are petrol or electric powered. When you look for a new petrol chainsaw and start asking questions, Stihl is a name that comes up time after time.


It was Andreas Stihl in 1926 who invented the first electric chainsaw. Professional loggers found this new invention very useful and were very eager to use it.


It helped improve the lives of many farmers and woodcutters who were originally only using cross-cut saws and axes to fell trees and cut wood. This new electric chainsaw revolutionized the work making it much quicker and easier.


Today the Stihl petrol chainsaw has become a very versatile tool and is widely used and sought after.



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Intellicarb - This measures air on the air filter and adjust the carburetor accordingly.


Easy Access Carb Screws - These allow the user to adjust the carburetor easily for the conditions


Decompression Valve - Assists in making the chainsaw easy to start.


Easy2Start System - Reduces the effort level required to start a chainsaw. Very welcome!


Electronic Ignition - Should be on every chainsaw. Helps with easy starting and smooth operation of the chainsaw.


Quickstop - Fantastic safety feature. Stops the chainsaw chain in a fraction of a second.


Purge Pump Primer - With this you can prime the carburetor without flooding it.


Elastostart handle - This handle has built in shock absorption qualities to aid with smoother starting.


Inboard Chain Brake - Does not require as much maintenance.


Chain Catcher - Works well in catching the chain if it de-rails or snaps.


Throttle Trigger Lock Out - With this you have to depress it before the chainsaw trigger can be activated. Good for safety.


The petrol chainsaw is still widely used by professional loggers in various ways today but the petrol chainsaw has grown in popularity and is now used by homeowners and farmers alike. Chopping wood at home for the fire has become such an easy task now for homeowners and farmers. Taking down trees that were in the way of their plans has become a breeze. Professional landscapers adore the petrol chainsaw, and to be honest, it's a wonder things ever got done before the invention of the petrol chainsaw.


Over the past 80 years the Stihl petrol chainsaw has improved and been constantly refined. They have become lighter and more powerful. These are probably the main reasons why their chainsaws are no longer just limited to the professional woodcutting industry. Other improvements and refinements include ElastoStart, anti-vibration system and the shock absorption system. All these combined improvements have steadily improved the chainsaw and lifted it to it's new levels of versatility. Stihl used all of these improvements in their chainsaws and added with dual braking systems and inertia chain brakes, it's not surprising to see that the Stihl is one, if not, the leading petrol chainsaw manufacturer.


Environmental issues always raise their heads where power equipment is involved and Stihl has now joined the fight to protect the environment. There are new ideas to develop techniques to reduce the amount of hydrocarbon emissions from their machines. And to protect the environment, this development is a huge bonus for those who use the petrol chainsaw in restricted areas.


The followers of Andreas Stihl have constantly reiterated his commitment to quality. This has remained constant throughout the company today and it is easy to believe them. It is this commitment to quality that has assisted in keeping Stihl at the top of top of the power tool tree.



Stihl chainsaws come with many built in features. Below are the features that are commonly found in most Stihl chainsaws. They are standard features but that does not necessarily mean that a particular feature is on a particular model of petrol chainsaw that you want. You must check your model carefully and ask the dealer.


Stihl Oilomatic Saw Chain - The company manufactures it’s own brand of chainsaw chain


Ematic Bar - The Stihl chainsaw bar has it’s own oil reservoir from where the chain can pick up lubricating oil. It is very economical and can actually reduce oil demand by up to 50%


Bumper Spikes - These are on the chainsaw to enable much better control of the chainsaw. Hence making the cutting process a lot easier.


Spark Arrestor Muffler - This has large baffles that are used to control the noise level of the chainsaw and also to any spark emissions.


Stihl Quickstop Chain brake - Every chainsaw should have one of these in our opinion. They are designed to stop the chain in a fraction of a second in case of an emergency or mishap. This chainsaw brake can be activated manually or automatically.


Front Handle - These are there to give comfort and a secure grip.


Protected Spark Plug - A good idea to protect the vulnerable spark plug. It is protected whilst still being easy to access.


Large Starting Handle - The petrol chainsaw can sometimes be temperamental in starting. Anything like this handle to help with the starting process is welcome.


Smooth Design - You will not find any sharp edges on a Stihl chainsaw that can snag you or clothing during use.


Air Filter Cover - Protects the air filter and is easy to remove.


Master Control Lever - Be in total control with this lever that operates the on/switch, choke and starting throttle.


Rear Hand Guard - There for safety and reduces the risk of any injury.


Polymer Housings - These are there for lightweight and the fact that they can withstand great levels of impact.


Translucent fuel tank - With these you can keep a eye on your fuel level.







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Additional Stihl Chainsaw Features



X-Fit Jacket


When using a petrol chainsaw, it is imperative that you wear the right protection to protect yourself from any unfortunate mishaps. One such piece of clothing is the jacket and Stihl produces a couple of varieties.


One such Stihl jacket is the X - Fit Jacket. Designed to look both modern and fresh, this jacket is also made of 3XDRY fabric that is water repellent due to the special coating that wicks away moisture quickly.


The jacket is also equipped with Keprotec reinforced elbow patches and four pockets and extra arm ventilation.


Stihl Protective Safety Clothing For The Petrol Chainsaw



Ranger GTX Chainsaw Boots With Gore-Tex


These Stihl chainsaw boots are made of leather and have cut protection, making them ideal to wear when using a petrol chainsaw. They are both waterproof and breathable thanks to the Gore-Tex membrane.


On the soles the tread is rough and self-cleaning and the soles are slip-resistant soles. The shaft of the boot has extra ankle protection and there is a middle cushioning that has absorbent properties. For additional safety reasons there are safety reflectors placed on the sides and back of each boot.


To keep the boot firmly on the foot is an easy roller lacing element with a locking hook to make sure that your shoe laces left remain tied and in place.


Stihl chainsaws are the number one selling chainsaw brand in the world today and it is not difficult to see why. Each chainsaw is meticulously produced and proves to be durable, reliable and dependable. Add the outstanding performances of the chainsaws to this equation and what more could a person want from a chainsaw? And yet there’s more.


Because of the popularity of Stihl there are vast numbers of Stihl dealerships all over the globe and many tool specialists stock Stihl equipment and parts.


So if the chainsaw needs repairing, spare parts or just regular maintenance, you are never too far away from assistance. Safety protective clothing is a must have with the chainsaw and Stihl manufacture their own range.


So when it comes to the chainsaw and any accessories, it is fair to say that Stihl are a one stop port of call for everything to do with the chainsaw.


The range of Stihl chainsaws is large and to simplify the selection process, the chainsaws have been categorized.


Occasional Use Chainsaws


This classification is for the homeowner who wishes to perform pruning tasks, clearing undergrowth, hobby work and other light tasks such as branch cutting and cutting firewood. There are many excellent chainsaws to choose from all with varying performance degrees. You can select just a basic model or step up to one with a great power to weight ratio and some even feature the latest Stihl Easy2start starting system. Avery good and comprehensive consumer line of chainsaws.


Mid Range Chainsaws


If you want a chainsaw for more than just the occasional use, the Stihl mid range will help you get those bigger jobs done. They are ideal for the cutting of firewood and even felling small trees. They possess more power than the occasional use range and are packed with extra features including all important safety features. Even farmers and landscapers rely on this category of chainsaw, such is their effectiveness.


Professional chainsaws


Now we are stepping up in to the big league of the chainsaw. The professional models, whether they be the small versions or larger versions, are the most powerful chainsaws that Stihl produces. Ideal for logging, land clearing and tree service, these chainsaws are what the chainsaw is all about. Sheer cutting power with excellent handling and reliability even under the most arduous of conditions.


Tree Service Chainsaws


Stihl also have a top handle range of chainsaws. These are designed for use with trees and pruning tree limbs. They are agile, powerful and very easy to use which is what you want from a chainsaw when you are up working in a tree. The top handle gives the chainsaw a well balanced feel to the user.


Stihl Chainsaw Features



Categorizing The Stihl Chainsaw


Stihl X-Fit Trousers


Besides a protective jacket, it is important also to protect your legs with protective trousers when using a petrol chainsaw. New for 2010 is the X-Fit trousers from Stihl.


These pants are Class 2 protection petrol chainsaw trousers and the functions they provide are:


7 protective layers, 3XDRY stretch that has a unique surface treatment,


reinforcements, integrated and removable braces, many pockets, extra valve installation and hooks to fit pants in your boots.


Advance helmet


Stihl provide excellent power tools and safety gear to go with them. The Advance helmet is no exception to that rule. It comes in a contemporary design, which is a very attractive and a very practical head protection combination.


The intelligent visor has a rotating system, while the helmet itself has numerous air vents, an integrated water gutter and a prefabricated visor made of nylon.


The helmet itself has increased impact resistance, and many shooting modes for convenience. The attached ear defenders give you first class noise protection when using any petrol chainsaw.


All in all this all in one Head Protection System provides an ideal safety protection net against anything that the petrol chainsaw may throw at you.


Chainsaw gloves with cut protection


When using a petrol chainsaw hand protection is important and you wont go far wrong in checking out the Stihl protection glove range.


These particular gloves are the standard version and give the user a very comfortable glove to work with and wear. They are made of leather and a textile mix and are fitted with an elastic wrist.


On the back of the gloves is a cut protection. They are rated A protection class 0.