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Delmhorst Dual Function Moisture Meter


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Pin type


Non Pin type


Data logging






Radio frequency technology


LCD display


Use with 69 species of wood


Use with concrete and many other materials


Wood moisture range 5% - 60%


Integral contact pins


Scan mode


Optional software to use with computer









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The Delmhorst dual function moisture meter is a meter that can operate in pin mode or scan mode. Best of both worlds when it comes to the moisture meter. This device also offers the option of infrared capabilities. With the pin mode option you can test up to 69 different species of wood. In scan mode the device has a reference scale of 0-300 and can be used on a variety of materials without causing damage. This moisture meter can record up to 1400 readings which can in turn be transferred to a computer for comparisons and analysis.

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Length       9”


Width        3.5”


Height        1”


Weight       2 pounds


Power        9 volt battery

Using The Delmhorst Dual Function Moisture Meter






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