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Bluetooth integrated that connects with Android devices allowing remote viewing.

Works with the free Android App and displays very easy to read results for Dew point, Moisture levels, Temperature, Humidity and Condensation Point.

Can be used on many different wood types and species and building materials.

Pinless technology.

Remote pin type probe

Stores up to 20 readings on the device and up to 50000 readings on the App.

Dual result display that has an automatic backlight.

Measures up to a depth of 0.75 inch below the surface of the material to be tested.

Alarms for high and low levels of moisture and humidity.

To determine condensation point it automatically calculates the differential temperature.

Automatic power off.

Data hold.

Supplied with the pin moisture probe MO290-P that has a 0.9 metre cable and carry case.


Main Features Of The Extech MO300 Moisture Meter

Extech MO300 Moisture Meter

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Operating The Extech MO300 Moisture Meter

Operating this moisture meter will become second nature after just a couple of uses.

To power up the device simply press the power button after removing the RH sensor protective cap. The on symbol will appear after a second or so. If this symbol does not appear then you will have to change the batteries. As good as having the bluetooth facility is it must be noted that if you do have the bluetooth enabled then you are looking at a reduced battery life of less than 8 hours. We recommend that if you plan on using this moisture meter for an extended period of time it is a very good idea to use an external AC adaptor.

To measure humidity levels with the Extech MO300 moisture meter, first power up the unit and press the RH button. The relative humidity will then be displayed on the main display and any temperature reading will be shown on the secondary display. If you wish to change the temperature unit readings simply press the up and down buttons until you arrive at your desired temperature unit. For the dew point to be displayed press the mode button.

To take actual readings with the moisture meter we shall first describe the method for the pinless operation. Turn the meter on and press the moist button to select the moisture measurement. Always hold the meter with the rear sensor away from your hand and any surface. Your reading should be zero at this moment in time. If it is not then hold the zero button down for a couple of seconds until the zero icon appears. Next place the rear sensor on to the surface that you wish to test and take a reading of the relative moisture content.

For a pin type meter reading turn the device on after you have connected the external pin probe to the jack which is located at the bottom of the moisture meter. Press the moisture button 2 times. You will see "moist" and "EXT" on the display. Then simply press the external pins in to the surface you wish to test and wait for the moisture content level to be displayed.

Now this is an advanced moisture meter and has the capability of being able to take infrared readings. To do this turn the meter on and press the IRT button which will activate the laser pointer and IR thermometer. While this function is active you will see the laser pointer icon flashing on the display. Press the up and down buttons to change the temperature units. Simply aim the laser pointer at the surface of the material to be tested and take the reading of the surface tempeature which is shown in the secondary display. Release the IRT button. Your last temperature reading taken will remain on the display for about 10 seconds before the ambient temperature measurement returns to the display.


Wood moisture meter

Concrete moisture meter

Extech have released their Extech MO300 moisture meter on to the market. What makes this moisture meter special is that it can be used in conjuntion with any android mobile devices. Any key readings the meter takes are transmitted to your mobile phone, or any other mobile phone, for remote viewing. The unit incorporates bluetooth capabilities and when used with the Andriod Ap "ExView" these results are transmitted successfully.

Being a pinless moisture meter the testing of wood and other building materials can be carried out without any damage to the material being tested. Humidity and air temperature can also be measured using the built in probe and the non contact infrared temperature.



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