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Mac 842 Chainsaw







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With the McCulloch Mac 842 McCulloch have designed a petrol chainsaw that is highly efficient and can face up to the most of challenging tasks. Inside the body is the McCulloch advanced engine system that works by giving off lower emissions, has excellent fuel efficiency and increased power output levels. As that is becoming standard with McCulloch chainsaws the Mac 842 has an electronic ignition system and a fuel primer. This makes it easy to start the chainsaw. But to make the Mac 842 even easier to start there is the additional reduced pulling force in the starter handle. Ergonomically this chainsaw has the anti vibration system, well placed handles and a soft grip on the rear handle. Maintaining this chainsaw is really easy and any adjustments you need to make on the tension of the chain are performed with a knob. This makes needing tools to set the tension of the chain a thing of the past. For safety there is the dual mounted chain brake which has inertia automatically activation. This is one of the most powerful chainsaws that McCulloch has and if felling trees is your requirement, then look no further.





2 stroke engine

2.15 hp

Automatic oil pump


CCS system

Soft Start

Fuel pump

Stop/choke switch combined

Tool less Chain Tensioner

Soft Grip

Double Action Chainbrake

Anti vibration

Bar length of 40 cm

Weight 5.5 kg














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