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Tips On Wood And Moisture

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Wood moisture meter

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Using or working with wood successfully begins with choosing the right wood. With making items out of wood, no matter how skillful the craftsman is or how advanced the machinery is, a high quality finished product cannot be guaranteed if the wood species and moisture content are not suitable for the job. Understanding wood is the key to success and part of the knowledge base is knowing the correct moisture content level for a particular species of wood. The main advice is to not waste time or money on wet wood.


When Buying Wood


When you order wood or lumber you should always specify the moisture content range you require to the seller. When you receive delivery of your order always check moisture content levels with your moisture meter and notify the seller immediately if they are wrong.


Selecting A Species Of Wood


Wood species react differently to outside influences. With shrinking for example, species do not shrink the same. You need to be aware of the shrinkage factors within wood. If you are working with a mix of wood you should choose woods that have the same shrinkage factors. Bear in mind as well that with shrinkage comes warping. When selecting wood always check the grain. The more parallel the grain is to the edge of wood, the less warping and cupping can be expected.


Correct Storage Of Wood


Dont fall in to the trap of believing that the battle against moisture has been won when your wood is dry. Wood will pick up moisture from the air, so good storage is paramount. You want your wood stored in a closed in place that has a controlled climate. Never store wood in a damp place. Monitoring abilities of humidity and temperature are essential when it comes to storing wood. Knowing the temperature and relative humidity will alert you as to whether your wood will take in more moisture or not.


Correct Acclimation


Wood need to be allowed to acclimatize before being worked with. This is particularly so with wood flooring.


If Restoring Wood


If you are repairing furniture or other wood fittings you will probably add new wood to the existing wood. These woods need to have the same moisture content levels because if they dont you will experience problems such as shrinking and warping.


Transporting Wood


If you transport wood from a damp environment to a dry environment you will experience drying out and the problems associated with that. This can have devastating effects on such items as antique furniture and musical instruments. You want to try and replicate the conditions that the wood has "lived in" before arriving at its new destination.


Moisture From Outside


Open doors and windows can allow excess moisture to come in from the outside. Wood issues can take place and you may not be able to know what the cause of them are. Any moisture trapped in a building will be absorbed by wood. So if you get any unexpected moisture problems with your wood try and find the source first before embarking on any repairs.


Measuring Moisture And Keeping Records Of This


Before starting a job with wood determine the correct moisture level and do not waste any time working with wet wood. Keep checking your wood with a moisture meter and record the results. This will help you in the long run if you have problems.



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