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Petrol strimmers are perfect for using on edges of paths, the bottoms of walls and poles and any general overgrowth in your garden. However when you have used your lawnmower to cut your lawn there will still be grass that needs trimming around the trunks of any trees that are in your garden.

You could use shears or small grass clippers to cut the grass around the trunks of your trees, but this would require additional gardening tools and may take more time than you are willing to give. And why should you have to have additional gardening tools when you already have a petrol strimmer that can do the job in a matter of seconds?

The issue here though is that the outer layers of a trunk happens to carry all of the tree’s nutrients and if these outer layers are damaged then the tree will suffer and possibly die. Petrol strimmers can seriously scar and damage trees when used around them. To protect your trees from the petrol strimmer you need strimmer guards.

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A moisture meter proves itself to be a useful tool when testing the moisture content levels of boat materials. When assessing a boat, care, judgement and experience should all be employed and then the moisture meter used as the last tool to give the final assessment. Moisture meter for boats



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The garden moisture meter helps any avid gardener to measure and monitor many different conditions to ensure that they can maintain healthy growing conditions for both indoor as well as outdoor plants. In order to have healthy thriving plants Soil moisture meter


The Strimmer Guard

Many different strimmer guards have been used by gardener’s over the years who have become aware of the damage that petrol trimmers can cause a young or even adult tree. Though not in the least sophisticated, these strimmer guards provide and excellent and extremely efficient method of providing maximum security to your tress. This in turn allows you to use your trimmer without concern around your tress and reduce the need for any possible maintenance to your trees.

We here at petrol trimmer have been looking around for strimmer guards and have stumbled across 2 companies on the internet that design and manufacture suitable strimmer guards for your garden.

The first company worthy of mention is Arbotech. This company is based in the U.K and has a philosophy of developing innovative solutions to problems and needs required in the agricultural sector. As well as strimmer guards, some of their other innovations include tree restraints, tree shield, root anchors and root barrier and guidance systems.

The strimmer guards they supply are complete and do not require any particular skills or tools to set them up. They come to you in a flat pack form and you just basically wrap them around the base of your tree in a cone like fashion and join the sides together. They are very well priced and can be purchased  via the internet.



Acorn Strimmer Guards



Acorn designs and produces 2 versions of strimmer guards. They are both designed to withstand petrol strimmer nylon cords and prevent damage to the trunk bases of your tress. Each version is constructed out of the robust HOPE. Though they are designed to withstand trimmer nylon cord, you need to remember or be aware of the fact that they will not protect against steel blades of a brush cutter for example. But for cutting around young or old trees alike with trimmers, you really do need to have a strimmer guard.

Acorn strimmer guards are either of a standard design or an offset design. They are robust, conical in shape and will stay on the ground when faced with a trimmer. They will deflect the trimmer nylon cord away from the tree and protect it. The standard strimmer guard is 22 cm in height with a maximum diameter of 15 cm. If the diameter you require is larger than 15 cm then you simply join 2 or mores together. Their offset guard is designed for trees that are planted near or next to walls or fences.



Make Your Own Strimmer Guard



There is no doubting that buying new shrubs and trees for your garden is an expensive process. You plant these new additions to your garden and apply tender and loving care to them. What a shame it would be if your were to damage them with your strimmer.

Even the most proficient with a petrol strimmer can have an accident or two and cause severe damage to his or her shrubs and trees. But not if you have a strimmer guard protecting everything at base level.

Above we have given you a couple of companies that make strimmer guards which you can purchase. However a strimmer guard is not difficult to make by your own means. And by doing so you wil be limiting or eliminating any damage caused by a petrol trimmer.

To make your own strimmer guard is not expensive. What you need is some sort of tough cylindrical object which you can modify. Something like an old tin can will actually suffice, but do be wary of any sharp edges on one of these.

Once you have found yourself a suitable cylindrical object of suitable material you need to cut it so that it is about 6 inches or so high. You then split if from top to bottom. This split is wear the shrub or tree trunk will enter. Work the split open until it is wide enough and then place it around the tree trunk and squeeze it back together again. You do not need to tape the split as in time the tree trunk will grow and you will want your homemade guard to expand with the trunk. In time the trunk will outgrow your guard so do not forget to remove it otherwise it will inhibit growth.




When selecting a suitable cylindrical object ensure that it is 3 or 4 times the diameter of the tree. This will ensure that there is plenty of room for the tree to grow in in it’s young growing days.

If you use a plastic cylinder or something similar of a lighter material, test it to make sure that it can deflect and withstand a blow from your strimmer at high speed. If it can’t then there is no point in using it.

The strimmer guard is a safety net to protect your tree. It is not a strimmer guide. If you use it as a trimmer guide you will find that the guard itself will mark and damage the tree. Remember that trimming cord which rotates at a great speed is similar to a solid blade and in time will actually damage the trimmer guard. So always check your strimmer guards and if they are showing signs of weakness then change them.