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Delmhorst began in 1946 in New York City. It was Bill Delmhorst who first supplied his propriety moisture meter to New York and it was used by Building inspectors to detect moisture and leaks in roofs and walls.

From then on Delmhorst continued to operate and built up a significant reputation for it’s products and to this day, the name Delmhorst is forefront in the moisture meter market.

Delmhorst moisture meters are proved to be very accurate and reliable meters, whether they be pin type or non intrusion models.

After sales service and servicing are also to be relied upon and the fact that Delmhorst moisture meters are present in so many industries just goes to highlight how significant a brand Delmhorst is in the moisture meter business.

No one can be ill advised or ridiculed for investing in a Delmhorst.

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Delmhorst Moisture Meters And Computers


With the correct software you will be in a position to be able to download any stored readings you have made with your moisture meter on to a computer. The software is very reasonably priced and user friendly. With it you will be able to:


Export any results to Excel


View all your readings in the program


Be able to organize and rearrange your printing options


Save any group readings


View your data in either Celsius or Fahrenheit


Attach notes to each result


Create graphs and histograms