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ETI Moisture Meter

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ETI 7000 Moisture And Damp Meter

The ETI 7000 moisture meter is a compact and general moisture meter. To protect it is a robust ABS case and it features a 20 LED bar graph to display the moisture content results of the material being tested. Green is for ok, amber warns of a possible moisture content issue and red alerts to damp.

The moisture meter is supplied with a nice and handy protective zip case, 2 pin probe and a PVC lead cable and BNC connector.


LCD and LED display

ABS plastic case

Probe style

Battery power

Auto off

2 year warranty


Wood moisture meter

Concrete moisture meter

Electronic Temperature Instruments LTD (ETI) is a limited company that is privately owned in Worthing in the United Kingdom. Renowned for it's digital thermometers and sensors, Eti also supplies a range of the moisture meter. All instruments supplied by ETI comply with the EC RoHS2 and REACH Directives.

Product development and research is an important aspect of the company in their quest to provide suitable instruments for an ever changing market place.

ETI develops software for Microsoft Window environments and any mobile platforms.Other software includes embedded software for microprocessors in temperature monitoring applications.

The ETI moisture meter range has be designed and manufactured for the purpose of detecting moisture content levels in a varied range of materials. Their moisture meter range is based upon the pin type moisture meter, because of their reliability and accuracy for obtaining results using electrical resistance.

With building materials it can be necessary to have certain levels of moisture content present, but too much moisture can result i decay and weakening of these building materials. Hence the importance of the moisture meter.



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A moisture meter proves itself to be a useful tool when testing the moisture content levels of boat materials. When assessing a boat, care, judgement and experience should all be employed and then the moisture meter used as the last tool to give the final assessment.Boat moisture meter >



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The garden moisture meter helps any avid gardener to measure and monitor many different conditions to ensure that they can maintain healthy growing conditions for both indoor as well as outdoor plants. In order to have healthy thriving plants Soil moisture meter



LCD with backlight

ABS plastic case

Probe style

Battery power

Auto off

1 year warranty


ETI 7250 Moisture Meter For Building Materials And Timber

The ETI 7250 moisture meter is a general moisture meter that has five scales (plaster, concrete, timber x 2). The digital display is very easy to read and has a 20 LED bar graph that has been designed with the professional builder in mind. As standard this meter has an auto power off and hold function.


LCD + LED Display

ABS Plastic case

Pin meter

Water and dust resistant

Auto off

Battery powered


ETI 8040 Moisture And Damp Meter


For a more informed insight into ETI moisture meters and their other available instruments follow the link.