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How To Install A Bar And Chain



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Whether you need to trim down some branches, do some pruning or even take down a whole tree, the chainsaw is an extremely versatile gardening tool that can handle a wide variety of tasks. However the chainsaw cannot complete these tasks without it’s bar and chain. The procedures for installing or changing the chainsaw guide bar and chain are as follows.


Installing The Bar And Chain On The Chainsaw


Find a stable work surface to work on and lay out the chainsaw, the guide bar and the chain.


Remove the lead from the spark plug.


Engage the brake handle.


Undo the clutch cover nuts and remove the clutch cover.


Take the guide bar and mount it over the remaining studs and slide the bar back towards the clutch.










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Slide the chain link over the clutch ensuring that the teeth are lined up with the clutch sprocket.


Mount the chain over the bar ensuring that it is in the groove of the guide bar.


Always check and ensure that the cutting teeth of the chain are facing forward.


Tension the chain as required.


Replace the clutch cover whilst ensuring that the brake connector is in the right slot.


Ensure that the brake band is positioned around the clutch.


Connect the spark plug cable.


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