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Selecting A Compatible Strimmer Head


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Because of the nature and manner in which a petrol strimmer is used, the strimmer head comes under extreme working stress and can break quite frequently. Fortunately they are cheap to buy and very easy to install. Because they do break so often the strimmer head has been designed to be easily removed and replaced. And when it comes to upgrading the performance of your petrol strimmer, you can do so quite easily by simply changing the head to a better version. Strimmer heads come in many different varieties and the numbers of them in the market place today actually outnumber the number of petrol strimmer models. They have become big business for many companies and a lot of research and development has gone in to this strimmer spare part.

When it comes to choosing a new strimmer head, features such as line feed and line type are purely down to personal preference, but when it comes to head compatibility, personal preference does not come in to play. Selection will be down to specific measurements and specifications.

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The Arbor Bolt For The Strimmer Head

Any trimmer head is attached to the strimmer by a bolt called the arbor bolt. This arbor bolt is at the centre of the head and it can either be female or male depending upon the gender of the trimmer’s receiving bolt. When it comes to shopping for a compatible head for your strimmer, knowing the exact arbor bolt measurements will simplify matters greatly. Just buy a strimmer head with the exact bolt that fits your strimmer.

The diameter of the arbor bolt and the number of threads on it must match the receiving bolt precisely for you to have perfect compatibility. When you look for trimmer heads you will soon become aware that they are listed with string measurements and dimensions. The measurements can either be standard syntax for threaded hardware and in English standard measurements or metric. For example you can have an arbor bolt 5/8” - 24. These measurements mean that the arbor bolt has a diameter of 5/8 of an inch and 24 threads. There is also a third measurement for the syntax which is the length of the bolt. But with the arbor bolt this is not necessary as their length is usually fixed.

As well as matching the arbor bolt measurements to your strimmer you also have match the gender and rotational direction of the threads for compatibility to your petrol strimmer. The rotational direction and gender of the arbor bolt will be determined by the type of receiving bolt the strimmer has.

The gender of the arbor bolt on the strimmer head has to be the opposite of the receiving bolt.

The rotational direction of the bolt has to be the same as the receiving bolt.

An example can be a left hand rotation female receiving bolt requires a left hand rotation male arbor bolt.

Knowing all the measurements and specifications of the arbor bolt on your petrol strimmer will make finding a compatible strimmer head extremely simple. However it is not the be all and end all of strimmer head hunting. In fact any strimmer head can be attached to any strimmer using a bolt adaptor. A bolt adaptor can change one or all of the arbor bolt specifications. They can convert between diameters, thread sizes and rotational direction.

When you look at new strimmer heads you will see that they come with one or more bolt adaptors. Some even come with full sets. Manufacturers ensure this so that they can actually market their trimmer heads for the many different petrol strimmers out there. Bolt adaptors can be also purchased separately and you do this in pretty much the same way as you buy a strimmer head. So any specification you apply to an arbor bolt you simply apply to the bolt adaptor. This way you will be sure to find the right bolt adaptor. So if there is a specific strimmer head that you really want to use with your petrol strimmer, but the arbor bolt does not match. Do not despair. Simply get yourself a bolt adaptor.