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Oak Tree

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Uses Of Oak Wood

Oak wood has great strength, is very hard and extremely resistant to any insect and fungal attack because of the high tannnin content it possess's.

During the 9th and 10th centuries oak planks was used in the building of the Viking longships. During the middle ages it was used as decorative inner panelling of the buildings for the rich. Up until the 19th century oak was the primary wood for ship building and for building timber framed buildings.

Present day, oak is used for furniture making, flooring products, timber frame buildings and veneer. Barrels used to age wines, sherry and various spirits are made out of American and European oak. Oak barrels can enhance any drink flavour or colour depending upon the style and type of oak used. They tend to add an oaky vanilla flavour to a drink that is aging.

Oak chips can be used for smoking meat, fish and cheeses.

The company Yamaha Drums uses Japanese oak in the manufacture of its drums. Because oak has a high density the sound from their drums is louder and brighter than other drums made from other woods such as birch or maple.

The cork oak is grown to produce wine stoppers in the Mediterranean Sea Region.

North American red oak is highly prized for lumber. Providing it is treated properly it proves to be one of the best woods for structural projects.

White oak is the predominant wood used for wine barrels.

Bark from the oak tree is very rich in tannin so can be used for tanning leather.

Even the acorns from an oak tree can be roasted to make acorn coffee.


Diseases And Pests That Affect Oak


Sudden Oak Death is a water mold that can kill an oak tree in just a couple of weeks.

Oak Wilt is a fungus disease similar to Dutch Elm Disease and can be lethal to oak trees.

Wood boring beetles are another potential lethal threat to oak trees.

The Gypsy Moth lays eggs on aok trees and the larvae can defoliate an oak tree.

Oak trees are susceptible to many species of fungus which can cause a powdery mildew on the trees.

The Oak Processionary Moth has been a threat to the oak tree in the U.K since 2006.


Some Famous Oak Trees


The Emancipation Oak has been listed as one of the 10 great trees of the world by National Geographic.

The Ivenack Oak is located in Poland and at 800 years old, is one of the largest trees in Europe.

The Bowthorpe Oak is approximately 1000 years old. It is located in Boure, Lincolnshire.

The Michenden Oak in Southgate, London is the largest oak tree in England and is over 800 years old.

The Seven Sisters Oak is estimated to be 1500 years old and is found in Louisiana.

The Major Oak in Sherwood Forest is about 1000 years old and was used by Robin Hood for shelter.







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There are about 600 species of the oak tree native to the Northern Hemisphere. They include decidious and evergreen Oak Tree >

Douglas Fir





The Douglas Fir, which is also known as the Oregon pine or Douglas spruce  Douglas fir






The beech tree is a decidious tree and belongs to the fagaceae family. It is a native tree to Europe Beech tree






Elm trees are deciduous and semi-deciduous and belong to the plant family Ulmaceae Elm tree







Hickory is a tree from the genus Carya. This genus has 19 species Hickory tree



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It is a good and important question to ask. There are differences between how different types of firewoods burn. Best firewood  

There are about 600 species of the oak tree native to the Northern Hemisphere. They include decidious and evergreen species which extent from the cool temperate to the tropical latitudes in Asia and the Americas. The largest number of oak species are found in the United States where there are about 90 species.

The leaves of oak are spirally arranged and most do not drop from the tree until spring. In spring the oak tree produces both male and female flowers. The fruit of the oak tree is a nut called an acorn. The acorn contains one seed which can take up to 18 months to mature depending upon the species.


The Emancipation Oak

The Major Oak

Oak As A National Symbol

The oak signifies strength and endurance and many countries have chosen it as the national tree of their country. Such countries include England, Cyprus, France, Estonia, Moldova, Germany, Latvia, Romania, Poland, Serbia and the United States.

The maple tree has a family of its own, Aceraceae, or together with the Hippocastanaceae family. Maple tree

Pines are conifer trees belonging to the genus Pinus. There are around about 125 species of the pine tree. Pine tree