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Protimeter MMS Moisture Meter


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The Protimeter moisture measurement system is the ideal solution for use within many building related industries. This instrument employs both pin technology and non invasive sensors as well as being a thermo hygrometer to wrap up the whole package.

You can use the search mode to identify moisture levels beneath surfaces. The measure mode with the pins can be used to test timber or masonary. And the hygrometer can measure relative humidity, mixing ratio, ambient temperature and dew point.

There is also the hygrostik sensor supplied with the meter which can be embedded in to solid floors and walls to determine the equilibrium relative humidity value of a material.




4 instruments in 1

Measure mode

Search mode

Built in hygrometer

LCD display

Simple to use having only 4 buttons

Measuring range 8 - 99 %


Data storage

Dimensions 180 x 70 x 49 mm

Weight 300 grams