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A superb little unit for testing wood that can be easily stored and carried in your pocket. As with anything "miniture" it does have its drawbacks.

The LCD screen is small, but to compensate for this the numbers are large. The pins, too, are rather small and do limit the testing ability.

We like this moisture meter, but whether we would opt for this version over the Stihl moisture meter is open to debate.


Opinion Of The Einhell Moisture Meter

Einhell Moisture Meter



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Additional Specifications Of The Einhell Moisture Meter


Measurement range (wood) 6 - 42%


Measurement range (solid material)0.2 - 2%


Measurement range (temperature)0 - 40 C


Resolution (wood)1%


Resolution (solid material)0.1%


Resolution (temperature)1 C


Accuracy of measurement (wood)30%:4%


Accuracy of measurement (solid material)1,4%:0,2%


Battery type LR44


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The Einhell moisture meter is a portable and high precision instrument that can be carried around in your pocket.

Uses for the Einhell moisture meter include testing on wood, masonary and paper. It is a pin type moisture meter and when the pins are inserted in to the material to be tested, the results are immediately shown on the user friendly LCD display.Inbuilt into this moisture meter is a thermometer which allows the user to measure ambient temperature. This moisture meter runs on battery power and when the battery starts to deplete power a power symbol will alert the user to this on the LCD screen.This Einhell moisture meter fits into the same category as the:

Stihl Moisture Meter

Kamasa Moisture Meter

And should be compared accordingly.


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Size - L41 x W19 x H79mm


Weight - 50g


Batteries - Yes


LCD Display


Automatic power On/off


Battery Warning Symbol




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Visit the Official Einhell Tools website for a more in-depth review of their products.

Retailing around the $20 mark, this moisture meter does offer excellent value. Typical of most German built products, this moisture meter looks good and functions well with reliability.

Again, like the Stihl and Kamasa moisture meters, this particular instrument is not the most advanced tool. But what it lacks in technology, it makes up with reliabilty and functionabilty.

Using this Einhell moisture meter is simple enough to do.


Basically just stick the pins into the material you wish to test and a reading will show up on the display screen. As well as getting results of moisture content, the thermometer which is built in to the unit, will give you a temperature reading of the surrounding area.


All in all the instrument will give you alot of information in the blink of an eye.


If you take good care of this instrument and store it in the correct fashion when not in use, you will receive many years of good use from it.