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Husqvarna 236 Chainsaw




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For a light and easy chainsaw to work around your garden with, the Husqvarna 236 is a fine example to have. It is ideal for gardening jobs such as pruning, light cutting tasks and any hobby work. It is an easy chainsaw to start and operate and is loaded with some very good Husqvarna features. The features on this model include ergonomic design and the X- Torq engine that gives out low emissions.


The X torq engine has lower fuel consumption so will save you money on any running costs and less money is required for maintenance because of such features as the air injection system which results in reduced wear and longer working time between the filter cleaning or changing. This chainsaw is extremely well priced and will provide a very economically viable option for the small private garden owner.


Add the quality build of Husqvarna to this equation and you can have an excellent chainsaw for at least the next 10 years. Going on today’s retail price this will give you your own chainsaw for about $18 a year. There’s not much that $18 will stretch too these days so.




Centrifugal air cleaning system


X-Torq engine


Choke/stop control combined


LowVib that absorbs vibrations and saves your arms


Fuel pump that is designed for easy starting


Inertia chain brake for safety


IDA ignition


2 stroke engine


1.9 horse power


Maximum speed 9000 rpm


Bar length 33-40 cm


Weight 4.7 KG












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