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Moisture Meter Calibration

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This allows you to constantly check the calibration yourself when on site. From the factory the verification block comes with a factory certifcate to ensure that the meter is within factory verification specification.


One simply places their moisture meter on the verification block and it will verify the calibration. If the meter is out of verification then you will need to send it away to be recalibrated.



How To Calibrate A Moisture Meter


You need to select a standard against which you will measure your readings. Depending upon the species of wood you may have different standards, but for this article we will say 20% as the standard for calibration.

Some meters will default to a preset percentage when they are turned on so you will have to change that point.

Next run a calibration test on your meter. There may well be a button or two on your meter which must be pressed to do this in some particular sequence. If not you can use a valibration block. But always check your user manual regarding calibration.

Switch your meter off and if you have been getting strange results give the probes or sensor plate a clean. Turn the meter back on and confirm that it has the new set point and then repeat the calibration test one more time.


Excessive humidity will affect calibration.

Foreign debris in a material can give false results.

The meter standard can be disturbed after multiple usage.

A frequently used meter should be recalibrated every 2 weeks or so.


Moisture Meter Calibration And Repair


Modern day moisture meters are extremely reliable and require very little maintenance beyond replacing batteries and cleaning. Inside them the circuit design tends to be very careful with the use of CMOS technology.

Also stabilised voltage rails and crystal controlled oscillators mean that recalibration is very rarely required.

Though it is recommended that you do test your meters calibration on a regular occurence just to make sure. Better safe than sorry as they say.

One piece of maintenance that is required will be to the soft rubber electrodes because after much use they will become worn and shiny. When these electrodes are worn and shiny the instrument becomes less sensitive to moisture.

Scanning heads can also become worn after a lot of use. Most components withing the moisture meter can be replaced quickly and not at great expense.



Wood moisture meter

Concrete moisture meter

Moisture meters provide their user with a way of obtaining easy, convenient and precise ways to measure moisture content in materials. Such now is the technology involved in the moisture meter these days, many applications are measured more accurately and the moisture level contents and managed on a better level.

The moisture meter is calibrated to wood and wood products and the more advanced models can also indicate temperature and relative humidity. In fact it is fair to say that moisture content control has never been as accessible as it is today.

When working with wood the correct moisture content level in the wood is an integral part of any successful project. The wood can be tested by running a meter along the wood surface with a pinless meter, or by invading the wood with a pin meter. Both methods will give you instant results concerning the moisture content in the wood you want to work with. The moisture meter will be calibrated to wood and depending upon which wood species you are testing, the density setting on the moisture meter has to be correctly set by the user.

All sounds well and good. However the problems begin to occur when you start getting weird and whacky results with your meter. These results appear when the meter is not functioning correctly or when the unit is not calibrated properly. It is essential for a meter to be within calibration and to be verified periodically that it is so. The majority of moisture meters are sold as factory calibrated units and some are even self calibratinug instruments. However it is not an unusual occurrence for a meter to fall out of sync.

To remedy a moisture meter that is out of sync the calibration has to be reset. In alot of cases this means returning your meter back to the manufacture where they can recalibrate your unit in their factory. This can be time consuming and very inconvenient for you if you do not have a back up meter to use in the meantime.

Wagner sell many accessories for the moisture meter and one particular accessory is the calibration verification block.


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