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Hickory Tree

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Hickory is used as a food source by many different larvaes;

Luna moth

Regal moths

Walnut sphinx

Brown tail


Uses Of Hickory


Hickory wood is a very hard wood that is also stiff, dense and very shock resistant. Individually there are woods which are stronger than hickory and harder than hickory. But no other wood combines strength, hardness, stiffness and toughness in the same manner.

Hickory is used for tool handles, bows, wheel spokes, carts, drumsticks, skies and walking sticks. Wooden paddles are usually made from hickory.

Baseball bats used to be always made from hickory but these days ash is taking its place.

As a firewood hickory is the choice of many especially for their wood burning stoves. Hickory has a high energy content. It gives a High and long lasting heat. One of the best firewood out there.

Hickory is used for smoking cured meats and is a popular choice of wood for barbeques as it adds flavour to meat.

Because it is durable and has character in its appearance, hickory is used for wood flooring.

A syrup, similar in taste to maple syrup, is made using the bark extract from shagbark hickory. It has a smoky and slightly bitter taste.















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There are about 600 species of the oak tree native to the Northern Hemisphere. They include decidious and evergreen oak tree

Douglas Fir





The Douglas Fir, which is also known as the Oregon pine or Douglas spruce douglas fir












The beech tree is a decidious tree and belongs to the fagaceae family. It is a native tree to Europe beech tree






Elm trees are deciduous and semi-deciduous and belong to the plant family Ulmaceae elm tree







Hickory is a tree from the genus Carya. This genus has 19 species hickory tree



Which Is The Best Firewood?






It is a good and important question to ask. There are differences between how different types of firewoods burn. Best firewood

Hickory is a tree from the genus Carya. This genus has 19 species of the deciduous trees that have pinnately compound leaves and large nuts. There are 6 species native to India, China and Indochina and 12 species are from the U.S.A. The flowers of hickory are small in size and of a yellow green colour which are produced in Spring in the form of catkins. Hickory is wind pollinated and self incompatible. The fruit produced is an oval nut, the walnut.





The Walnut


Walnut seeds are a source of nutrients. especially protein and fatty acids. When walnuts are collected they have to be processed and stored correctly. If they are not stored correctly they become susceptible to fungal and insect infestations.

The walnut fruit is found encased in a green and leathery husk. This husk cannot be eaten. When harvested a wrinkly walnt shell remains when the husk is removed. Within this shell is the tasty walnut kernal.









Luna moth


Walnut encased in its husk

The 2 most common walnuts grown for their seeds are the English walnut and the Black walnut. The English walnut originally came from Persia and the Black walnut from eastern North America.


Storing Walnuts


The best temperature for storing walnuts is minus 3 to zero degrees C with low humidity. Temperatures above 30 C and a humidity of 70% can ruin walnuts at a very quick rate. Freshly harvested walnut seeds that have a water content level of between 2 to 8 % give the best flavour and colour. Storing walnuts is a particular task that requires the use of a hygrometer and a moisture meter.


Nutritional Value Of Walnuts


The walnut is a nutrient dense food. In the walnut is a source of carbohydrates, protein, unsaturated fatty acids, fiber, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin B, Omega 3 and Omega 6.

The difference between walnuts and other nuts is that walnut oil is composed of polyunsaturated fatty acids and not monounsaturated fatty acids.


The maple tree has a family of its own, Aceraceae, or together with the Hippocastanaceae family. maple tree

Pines are conifer trees belonging to the genus Pinus. There are around about 125 species of the pine tree. pine tree