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Maple Tree

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Diseases And Pests With The Maple Tree


Many larvae from the Lepidoptera species feed off the leaves as a food source. Aphids are also very partial to the sap of maple trees. In America the majority of maple trees are all threatened by the Asian Longhorn Beetle. An infestation can result in the destruction of 1000s of trees.

There are many fungal diseases which affect maples. Sooty bark disease will kill a mpale when it is under stress from lack of water. Tar spot will disfigure maple leaves in late summer and autumn.


Uses Of The Maple



There are specific species of maple which are used as ornamental trees in gardens and parks because they grow quickly and do not drop hard seeds which can damage lawnmowers. One species of notability is the Norway maple.



The maple is a popular choice for bonsai growing. The Japanese maple in particular is a choice that responds well to bonsai techniques of leaf reduction and ramification.



Many people become fanatical maple collectors and there are many collections throughtout the world.



Because of their bright Auntumn foliage, the maple attracts many visitors at this time of year.



Maples are a source of wood and syrup. Dried maple wood is often used for food cooking and charcoal from maples is a part of the lincoln county process used to make Tennessee whiskey.



Sugar maple and sycamore maple have valuable timber. Bowling pins, baseball bats, cue shafts and butchers blocks are all made using maple wood.

Maple wood looks nice and has a highly decorative grain which makes it a choice for many in wood crafts and fine wood working.

Maple wood has a long history in the use of it for making good quality furniture.

Maple is also classified as a tonewood and can carry sound well. It is used to make many instruments and has a brighter sound as well as being harder than mahogany. The back, sides and neck of most violins are made from maple.



Maple is a huge source of pollen in the early spring. They play a huge role in the survival of bees.



Maple can be used to make pulpwood. The wood fibres have thick walls and do not collapse when they dry. So they give good bulk for paper and paper with good printing properties.


Maple Syrup


















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There are about 600 species of the oak tree native to the Northern Hemisphere. They include decidious and evergreen oak tree

Douglas Fir





The Douglas Fir, which is also known as the Oregon pine or Douglas spruce douglas fir












The beech tree is a decidious tree and belongs to the fagaceae family. It is a native tree to Europe beech tree






Elm trees are deciduous and semi-deciduous and belong to the plant family Ulmaceae elm tree







Hickory is a tree from the genus Carya. This genus has 19 species hickory tree



Which Is The Best Firewood?






It is a good and important question to ask. There are differences between how different types of firewoods burn. Choosing firewood

The maple tree has a family of its own, Aceraceae, or together with the Hippocastanaceae family. There are about 128 species of the maple tree. Most of them are native to Asia, with several numbers being present in Europe, North Africa and North America.

The majority of maples grow to 10 - 45 metres in height. Most of the species are deciduous but some in Southern Asia are evergreens. They are shade tolerant trees with a dense and fibrous root system which prevents other vegetation growing around them.

Maples have a opposite leaf arrangement which are veined and loped. The flowers are regular and have 4/5 sepals, 4/5 petals, 4/10 stamens and 2 pistils. Maple flowers can be green, yellow, orange or red. They are small and do provide an early source of pollen and nectar for the bee.






The sap from the sugar maple is used to make maple syrup. The sap is taken from the trees using a tap that is placed in a hole which has been drilled through the phloem in the tree. This sap is then boiled and as it boils, the water is evaporated off and only the syrup remains. Maple syrup is an expensive product because it takes 40 litres of sap to produce just 1 litre of syrup.


The maple tree has a family of its own, Aceraceae, or together with the Hippocastanaceae family. maple tree

Pines are conifer trees belonging to the genus Pinus. There are around about 125 species of the pine tree. pine tree