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When it comes to buying yourself a drill, choosing an sds drill makes perfect sense. Your buying options are not just limited to going down to your local tool seller. You can nowadays do all of your shopping from the comfort of your armchair via the internet.

Purchasing something over the internet, specially if it is an expensive item like a sds drill, may be unnerving for many. You are buying using a credit card and once bought you are not going home with it. You have to wait. W e can see many trust issues here which may put people off buying via the internet. Your are disclosing personal information, allowing access to your credit card and then there’s the issue of whether you receive your product or not.

But the internet is improving all the time with reputable companies using it as a means of a variation on the shop. Providing you buy from a reputable dealer or company there is nothing to worry about shopping over the internet. The internet can give you information to all the sds drills available and with thousands of reviews online on each drill, you have all the information you could possibly want to make a well informed choice.



Choosing The Best SDS Drill



Deciding upon which is the best SDS drill available is a near impossibility. There are so many models all with varying degrees of capabilities. To test them all would take an eternity and how do you test them? One drill may be better in one test but react poorly to another test and so on. The sds drill is a personal tool and the only way to find the best SDS drill for YOU is work through your own requirements and criteria. Below we give you a few pointers on what you need to consider when selecting a sds drill. These pointers may not be applicable to all but we hope they help you somewhat. But remember, buy the sds drill for you, and only when you have the “best” one for you.




When buying power tools it is always  advisable to opt for a decent brand name. They have experience in the market and know the products. Much research and development has gone in to their products and they have earned their reputations through producing excellent products over many years. These brand names wish to keep their reputations and strive to make better products to do so. With a brand name power tool you are sure of receiving a high quality product.

As to which brand, that is up to you. We all have tools from different makers, but some perform better than others and each individual tends to form a brand loyalty. Well known brands who market the sds drill are Bosch (who invented the drill), Dewalt, Draper and Ryobi to name a few. All are worthy, as are many others, of interest.


Type of SDS Drill - Corded or Cordless


This will depend on what you will be using the drill for. Tradesmen who work on sites tend to opt for cordless versions to give them the flexibility they require. If you want a cordless sds drill you need to consider the spare battery issue. The cordless version is definitely better if you will be working in small spaces. Those of you who will not be using the drill too frequently should really consider the corded version.


Power Of The Drill


When it comes to checking out the power of a drill it is usually shown as the drilling capacity in common building materials. For example the maximum number diameter of holes that it can drill.

Impact energy is also another measuring factor of power of the drill. This is shown in joules and indicates the hammer power of the drill.

A power of a drill is measured in watts for a corded version and volts for a cordless version. Obviously the higher the numbers, the more power the drill has.


Safety Clutch


The safety clutch is a feature that you really want on your sds drill. The reason for this is if the drill bit jams and you don’t release the drill in time you could end up having your hand wrenched and suffering serious injury. The safety clutch will make sure that the chuck will slip if torque reaches a specified level. This will stop the drill from rotating.


Weight and Size


The sds dril can be lightweight, medium weight or heavyweight.

Lightweight - Occasional work

Medium weight - Regular trade work or heavy DIY tasks

Heavyweight - Demolition work and such.


SDS or SDS Plus or SDS Max


The first 2 are very similar and the same bits will work with each model. The Plus version though does have higher torque and is a little bit more powerful.The max is the big daddy and requires larger bits. It is the most powerful of the sds drills and can be used for anything, even demolition work.



Sds Drill Hammer Drill



The SDS hammer drill first came to the market in 1975. Bosch was the company that introduced it and even they could not envisage the impact that the sds hammer drill would make on the market. And an impact it surely made! And why not? The sds hammer drill is a more versatile, powerful and safer drill to use than the majority of it’s counterparts. It is these attributes that make the hammer drill an important and very useful tool to have in your tool inventory, whether you be a professional tradesman or just a DIY enthusiast.


The sds hammer drill looks like any normal drill and indeed operates in just the same way. However what elevates it head and shoulders above it’s rivals is the sds system which gives a much improved hammer action leading to greater power and hence greater hammer blows. This gives you the opportunity to drill through a much more vast range of materials at a quicker speed. With each sds hammer drill there are special sds drill parts that have been designed and manufactured specifically for using with the drill. The parts are more durable and definitely stronger than standard drill parts.


An sds hammer drill is not a particularly cheap hand tool to purchase but as they say “you only get what you pay for”. With the price tag comes exceptional quality, improved performance and superb safety features such as anti slip actions.

It is the actual workings of the drill where you will see the difference and understand why the sds hammer drill is more efficient and indeed powerful. With a standard drill the whole chuck has to move to provide the hammer action on it. But with the sds version the drill bit is allowed to move within the chuck itself.


By having this process the power is directed more accurately and efficiently. Hence you have a better performance when drilling through such substances as concrete. And what is actually quite astounding here is the performance statistics. When it comes to the drilling of such substances as concrete, masonry or bricks, the sds hammer drill outperforms it’s competitors greatly by drilling up to 90% quicker. Staggering we feel!

If you are a professional tradesman where time means money , then just imagine how much quicker you can work with a sds hammer drill. Not only will you finish jobs quicker but you will substantially increase your earnings. So any initial financial outlay on an ads hammer drill will be quickly recuperated. The same criteria is also applicable to the cordless sds drill.

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Choosing a SDS Hammer Drill


When looking to buy a SDS hammer drill there are a few pointers that you really need to consider. These drills have exceptional power and performance making them ideal for heavy duty jobs. So you need to take in to consideration the weight of the drill combined with the power and then put against the price tag. Because of the SDS system most of these drills will cope with hard substances and drill through them efficiently. But it is noticeable that the actual weight of the drills does vary greatly from model to model. In general you will find that the cheaper the drill, the heavier it is. A heavy drill can cause all sorts of problems such as arm and hand fatigue with prolonged use. This can be detrimental to a working day and result in your day actually shortening. So do consider the weight to power ratio and the price tag of any sds hammer drill you are interested in. Trying to save money on an initial outlay may in fact be a false economy. A good working weight for a drill is about 5 pounds which is light enough to work with comfortably. The higher priced versions of the sds hammer drill seem to fit in to this 5 pound category.

Checking out the modes on the drill is another important consideration before buying a drill. There are versions of the sds hammer drill that have only one mode. The three modes available are drill only, hammer mode only and then drill and hammer mode. Depending on the type work you are undertaking will decide which you require. But in our opinion you should really buy a sds hammer drill with all 3 modes. You never know when you may require them all.

Speed control must also be looked into. This is a vital specification with certain jobs. Some materials require super speeds for entering and exiting. A rotation lock is another handy feature to have on your drill. You can lock this rotation lock and then there will be no rotation on your sds hammer drill. In this mode you are then able to chisel substances without rotating. Perfect for chiselling concrete and with a little practise you will master the technique very quickly.

Safety also comes into play when buying any power hand tool and the sds hammer drill is no exception to that rule. What you should be looking out for is a drill with a safety clutch fitted. These are perfect if you have the misfortune of having the drill bit jam. When a drill bit jams you risk damaging your hand or wrist or even falling off a ladder if you are working with height. Time off work with injury can be an expensive time. So paying a little extra for a safety clutch is just pure common sense in our opinion.


SDS vs. Regular Hammer Drill


The SDS hammer drill will give you a significantly more power action than the bog standard hammer drill. They are also designed so that larger drill bits can be used with them. So the sds version is more capable and efficient for heavy duty jobs such as drilling concrete or masonry.. They are the preferred choice of professional tradesmen.

The standard hammer drill is a lot cheaper to buy than a sds version and the drill bits too are significantly cheaper. This is because the bits are not expected to be used on jobs that the sds hammer drill tackles.

If you need to drill concrete or brick and will be using your drill every day or at least on a regular basis then the sds hammer drill is a superior product. However if you are just a keen DIY enthusiast who undertakes projects around the home from time to time then the extra cost of a sds hammer drill is not really justifiable. And if you do need a sds version you can always hire one for the day from your local tool hire outlet.


Can a SDS Hammer Drill Be Used As A Regular Drill


Yes. But.

You need to remember that the SDS hammer drill has been designed to be used on tough jobs. Because of this the drill has many working parts and is extremely durable. This makes it heavier than a lot of normal hand drills.

Now on a sds hammer drill of good quality there will be modes which you can set the drill to. These modes are hammer mode, hammer drill mode and the drill mode. The drill mode on one of these units will allow the drill to work in the same fashion as a normal handheld drill. However because of it’s weight and size, controlling one of these may be difficult to do on a small delicate job and it is recommended that a smaller drill will serve you better. If you only wish to own one drill then a sds hammer drill can certainly cope with many different jobs, but from personal experience it is better to own a small drill or borrow one for those delicate jobs.


SDS Hammer Drill Summary


There are many advantages to the sds hammer drill. When it comes to tough drilling there are no equals. The sds version has the advantage of working 80% quicker than a standard hammer drill, despite what it is drilling through. This fact alone makes the sds hammer drill stand head and shoulders above it’s rivals. Working with concrete is just one example where the sds hammer drill excels. Many drills struggle when it comes to drilling in to concrete. Not the sds hammer drill. A common work application regarding concrete is with a concrete sub floor. Concrete absorbs moisture because it is porous. This can have dire results on a surface flooring cover in the home. Moisture can bubble and crack, as well as cause shrinkage and expansion, to a wooden floor. Concrete sub floors need to be regularly tested for moisture levels using a moisture meter. In order to carry out the test 2 holes have to be drilled in to the concrete to allow the probes of the moisture meter to be inserted in to the concrete. Using an sds drill simplifies and speeds up this process for you.

The sds versions also have the capabilities of 3 mode settings which makes them rather versatile when it comes to tackling different jobs. If you wish to drill at normal speed with only a minimum of action you can select the mode that has a maximum speed of 1500 RPM. You can also change to hammer action by the flick of a button. With this mode though you do need to have special sds drill or chisel bits fitted. Deciding which mode you wish could not be any simpler.

When it comes to using a sds hammer drill you will be surprised by how quiet the unit actually is in operation. You would think because of their bulk and motor power that they would be extremely noisy. But this is not the case. One feature on most models that we feel is essential and excellent is the speed control. This always you to keep control of the drill at all times.

The sds hammer drill is a must for any professional tradesman or avid DIY enthusiast. They offer excellent options and nothing gets in their way when they are fully functional. They are not cheap to buy, but well worth any investment. Having one of these as a bed fellow to your standard hand held drills will allow you to easily and confidently take on any drilling job offered to you.


Cordless Sds Drill


The cordless SDS drill can be possibly labeled as one of the best inventions within the building trade or DIY market. If you are working within the building industry time and saving money are crucial aspects of your day to day working life. Wasting time and losing money unnecessarily is one of the biggest drains on your profit margins. Such things as being held up in traffic jams, going to the wholesalers or sorting out jobs that have been done incorrectly all contribute to lowering your profit margins. And when you do actually arrive at the job, how frustrating is it to discover that there is no electrical power for your SDS drill especially if you favour electrical tools. You could be working on site which is new and electricity has not yet been installed or maybe the sparky has not yet wired up everything. It doesn’t actually matter what the reasons are, just the fact that you do not have power to begin work and use your SDS drill.

Of course you could take your own power with you and the answer is to have a cordless SDS drill. This can make all the difference to you  of not getting the job done or actually finishing. You are not reliant upon anyone and with the technology available to manufacturers these days, the battery drills are just as good and powerful as mains drills. And of course with a cordless SDS drill you have the added bonus of not having to worry about leads, extension leads and even generators. Perfect solution for any handyman or DIY enthusiast.

If you are looking to invest in a cordless SDS drill you will be amazed by the numbers that are available in the market place. The prices differ greatly but one adage you should always adhere to is you only “get what you pay for”. So you need to actually decide on which type of drill you want, the kind of work that you will be doing with the SDS drill and the price range that fits your budget.

If you are a carpenter for example, the torque on your drill does not have to be as high as for example a concrete driller. So something like the 18v SDS drill would be ideal for you. However if you are a plumber or electrician then you will need a SDS drill to drill a variety of materials. So you need to have a drill with more torque or power. Something like the 24v drill with at least one back up battery is the ideal scenario here for you. The top of the range drill for power and torque is the 36v. This SDS drill can easily bore through brickwork, concrete and masonry. They are by no means cheap to buy, but if you are a general builder then you should at least have one of these miscellaneous beauties in your van.


Cordless SDS Drill Advice




There is no doubting the fact that having a SDS drill in your tool kit is an extremely beneficial tool to own. This is particularly so if you are employed within the building industry. Whenever you are required to drill holes for any reason in any type of surface or material, you will be fully equipped to perform the task. And this is particularly so with the cordless sds drill because of it’s portability. The only downside to the cordless sds drill is the one limiting factor of the battery that is used to power it. The efficiency and lifespan of the rechargeable battery is all important to the efficiency of your drill.

Most batteries supplied for the sds drill are of 36 volts. Any less than 36 volts and the battery is pretty inefficient and in a worst case scenario, rendering your sds drill useless. One main manufacturer of the cordless sds drill is Dewalt and they have just come out with a sds range that uses batteries between 28 and 36 volts.

What one must understand is that the sds drill is an advanced work horse and is used for the most demanding of jobs. This means that there will be a rapid drain on the battery because of the torque used by the drill. When you own and use a cordless sds drill you will be aware of the fact that you need to recharge the batteries frequently. The solution to this is to buy a second battery or even a third and keep them fully charged at all times so you will never be caught out without power.

Also the time will come when your battery is drained completely. And not matter how long you keep it in the charger for, it will lose it’s power quicker. This is the sign that the battery is coming to it’s lifes end and you will need to replace it. You may think that this is a fault in the battery which is easily understandable. However it is more than likely to be due to the natural limitations of rechargeable batteries, which do not last for ever.


Drill Bits


Always use the best quality drill bits available for your cordless sds drill. All the top brand names such as Dewalt, Bosch and Hitachi supply excellent additional drill bits for the sds drill. By using top quality drill bits, less power is required by the drill to drill a whole. This in turn will conserver your battery power and result in recharging a lot less.

Over time drill bits will suffer from wear and tear and blunt. This is the time to throw them away and replace them. Drill bits will also blunt very rapidly if they are used on materials that they are not designed for. For example if you are drilling steel you will need the toughest of drill bits. Any other drill bit will blunt and not perform the job properly. So always ensure you have the correct bit. Ensure that they are always sharp and make sure that the sds drill setting is always in the correct mode.


Advantages Of Using A Cordless SDS Drill


With the cordless sds drill you have so much more freedom and versatility simply because you have no trailing cable wires following you around and restricting you.

They are versatile and can be used to work even in the tightest of spots.

Because they are powered by battery, the battery will add weight to your sds drill. This can be a good thing especially when you are drilling through tough materials. The added weight can add momentum to your drilling action.

The technology incorporated in drill batteries these days allows a battery to be recharged really quickly. And because the batteries have come down in price as well, having a back up battery is no longer a financial burden.


Disadvantages Of Using A Cordless SDS Drill


A battery unit will add weight to your sds drill. In certain cases this can be helpful, but if you are working where balance is required or you are up a ladder, the added weight can make the SDS drill difficult to use.

You are always restricted by the batteries charge. When the battery runs out you can no longer use your drill. You can carry spare batteries with you, but on certain jobs you will need bucket loads of batteries to finish the job.

The sds drill is not cheap to buy if you want one of reasonable quality. However there are poor quality models out there which run off inferior battery types. There are batteries that can actually take over 12 hours to recharge!


Sds Max Drill


The sds max drill is a larger version of the sds drill than the sds plus model. Where a sds plus drill will be mostly under 3 kg in weight, the sds max drill will be generally 4 kg and above. The sds max will also only have 2 operating modes which are rotary hammer and hammer only. The drill bits for the sds max drill are also unique for the sds range. The bits will have a 18 mm shank that has 3 open grooves and locking segments instead of balls. Sds max drill bits cannot be used with a sds plus drill and vice versa.

The sds max drill can also be referred to as sds max demolition hammer drill, sds max drill and sds max rotary hammer drill by the brand manufacturers. Despite 3 separate names do not get confused by them. They are all pretty much the same thing. When it comes to checking out the sds drill it is the comparison between the sds plus and sds max that you need to concentrate on to find the right sds drill for you.


Choosing A SDS Max Drill


When it comes to selecting a sds max drill you should go about the selection process as you would with any other drill or power tool. However there is one specification that you really need to keep your eyes on regarding the sds max drill. Because these drills are heavier and more hard working units, vibration can become a huge issue in user comfort. Vibration levels are measured in m/s2 and each sds max drill will have vibration levels for both the rotary hammer mode and hammer mode. Depending upon the vibration system that is employed by a sds max drill, the vibration levels can differ greatly between brands. So always compare each sds max drill with it’s competitors. The less vibration produced, the more comfortable the sds drill is to use.

Other considerations to take on board and compare are the drilling power, the weight and the design. Drilling power is measured in Joules and Watts and to actually see what power is produced by the combination of these two you need to check out the drilling capacity for concrete and the core cutting capabilities. It is also worth noting the actual drilling speed of a particular sds max drill and the impacts per minute that it is capable off. Weight of the sds max drill is important too. As technology advances the design of the drill gets lighter whilst being able to produce more power. This is in the operator’s favour as is the design of the drill. You want a sds max drill that has an advanced ergonomic design. They are out there and boy do they make a difference in the handling quarters. Handling, good location of switches and rubber handles all assist in providing a better working experience with your sds max drill. So take the time required and shop and try out as many versions as you can until the right sds drill for you ends up in your hands.


Sds Max drill bits


Because the sds max drill is the big daddy of the sds range it is used for heavy duty work within the industrial and construction industries. The nature of the heavy work requires drill bits that at larger and stronger to cope with their workloads. The shanks of a sds max bit are 18 mm in diameter and they are inserted in to the sds chuck 90 mm and held in place by the 3 grooves that are in the shank. The bodies too of these drill bits are larger. This makes the sds max drill bit non-compatible with the rest of the sds range. It is possible though to use drill bits from the sds plus range with a sds max dill, but you will require a specially designed adaptor.


Using A Sds Max Drill


The sds max drill can be used for a wide range of applications. These include:


Demolition of concrete, stone and brick.


Renovation of brickwork and even joint removal.


Light chiseling and heavy duty chiseling.


Core cutting


Laying pipes and tubes in concrete or brickwork.


One must remember that the sds max drill does not operate in a rotary mode setting. This means that it can not be used for any basic drilling jobs with wood and metal. If this is what you require a sds drill for then you need to own a sds plus drill. Also the sds plus drill is much lighter than the sds max drill. So of you want to do overhead drilling or work in tight spaces, then again the sds plus drill is the sds version you need to have. The sds max drill is large and heavy and does not have the effective vibration systems that the sds plus drills have. So for long working sessions the sds max drill will prove to be very tiresome and a strain on the arms.


Core Drilling


When you require drilling larger holes in a material than the sds max drill can manage, the option available to you is to use a core cutter. The core cutter is an accessory that can be attached easily enough to the sds max drill. Having a core cutter can prove to be extremely useful. When using one with the sds max drill, use it with the rotary hammer mode and never just the hammer mode.

A hammer drill is a versatile and powerful drill to own. Add the sds drill system to a hammer drill , and what you have is a hammer drill with a much improved hammer action resulting in greater drilling power Sds Hammer Drill.


Sds Hammer Drill

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