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So far on this site when we have been talking about the hygrometer, we have concentrated on how a hygrometer can help us to maintain a healthy environment in our homes. But the use of the hygrometer is not just limited to our homes.

If you have or are planning to keep any reptile as a pet, then you will be aware that the humidity level in a terrarium is an important factor in keeping your reptiles or amphibians stress free and hence healthy.

Along with humidity levels, the temperature levels are also vital to the healthy survival of your reptile pets.

Reptile hygrometers are easy to read and understand. Good quality models will be coloured coded to further simplify reading and give you information as to whether action is required with your terrarium or not.

The hygrometer is simply placed in the terrarium with the display facing outwards for you to see.


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This Exo Terra hygrometer is easy to read and install. It provides you with an accurate measurement of the humidity level in your terrarium and helps to ensure that you maintain a correct humidity level.


Thinking Of Having A Reptile As A Pet ?

Getting Started

It is important that you do your research first and gather as much information as you can. Once you have decided that you do want to keep a reptile, the next step is to decide which species you wish to keep. Starter reptiles tend to be snakes and turtles. Other reptiles such as geckos and lizards will require more knowledge and experience.


Keeping a reptile is a long term commitment as they have long lifespans. Buying a reptile may not cost very much in itself. But buying the correct housing, heating and lighting along with all the other necessary accessories is most definitely not cheap.

Buying a reptile

Reptiles cannot be removed from the wild. They must be bought from registered keepers, suitable shops or from fellow memebers of reptile groups.


Reptiles must have a heat source to be able to remain active and digest food. You need to provide your reptile with a thermo gradient, where the housing has a warm end and a cool end to it. This difference in temperature allows your reptile to control its body temperature by sitting at either the cool or warm end of the housing.


Reptiles are cheap to feed as they do not eat so much. Most lizards are omnivores so require a mixed diet of meat, fruit and vegetables. Feeding your reptile must be fully considered before buying one as for example you may not be comfortable with feeding your reptile with live crickets.


Before you buy a reptileyou have to consider the health issues and requirements. Not all vets can work with reptiles, so check this out. And the thing with reptiles it is harder to spot health problems with them than it is with conventional pets.








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Exo Terra Thermometer

This Exo Terra Thermometer provides an accurate measurement of temperature. It is equipped with a memory that registers minimum and maximum temperature. You can mount it 3 ways with velcro, by screw or as a slide on. Ideal to be used in conjunction with the Exo Terra hygrometer.