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Wagner BI2200 Building Inspection Moisture Meter


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Can be programmed for many building materials


Reads different material types


Measurement depth of 0.75 in.


Sensing area of 1.5 in x 2.5 in.


Choose material setting


Sensor plate has protective coating


Press/Hold reading feature


Pinless meter


Relative readings for stucco, plaster, drywall, tile, shingles,

roofing, linoleum, wood


Digital Display


Relative moisture range: 5% - 30%


0.1% Precision


Designed for building and home inspectors









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The Wagner BI2200 moisture meter is a specialist meter designed for testing the moisture content of a variety of materials in home and building inspections. It has been specifically designed in mind for those who are involved in the building inspection industry.

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Length       4 9/16”


Width        2 ¾”


Height        1 1/16”


Weight       0.37 lbs


Power        9 volt battery

Using The Wagner BI2200


The Wagner BI2200 is designed specifically for building inspections. It can provide you with comparative and relative moisture content readings on a variety of building materials. The ideal device to checking out a building to identify any existing or potential moisture problems. It can be used to test wood, roofing, lino, plaster and drywall to just name a few materials.


The meter employs electromagnetic wave technology and is non intrusive. If you establish a baseline dry moisture content reading on a building material then the meter can compare and also pin point any moisture content problems.


Using the meter is very simple. It has a two button control so you can easily operate it with just one hand. So getting in to award spots to take a moisture reading becomes a lot easier. The press and hold feature allows you to freeze any readings on the digital display. Protecting the sensor pad is a Teflon pad making this an all round exceptional moisture meter for anyone involved in building inspections.


The Wagner BI2200 moisture meter does not give you precise moisture content readings. What it does do is give you comparative relative moisture content readings which assists in helping diagnose potential issues and moisture problems.

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