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The manufacturers of Charnwood stoves, A J Wells and Sons Ltd, was founded in 1972. It is a private family owned and controlled company in the United Kingdom. They specialise in both the design and manufacture of high end wood burning stoves and multifuel stoves.The company began as a small engineering company in the Isle Of Wight.

For a more detailed look at all the wood burning stoves and accessories that Charnwood produce their home site at is well worth a visit.


Charnwood Moisture Meter

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Wood moisture meter

Concrete moisture meter

If you have a wood burning stove then you know the importance of burning only properly seasoned wood. Charnwood manufacture a wide range of wood burning stoves and accessories. One such accessory being the Charnwood moisture meter.

This moisture meter is a pin type meter that is very basic and easy to use. Just simply insert the prongs in to the wood that is due to be burnt and a result of the moisture level content will be displayed, letting you know if the log is properly seasoned or not. Burning wet wood can cause all sorts of problems with your stove, so for a small investment in this device you will have optimum clean burning efficiency.




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Tramex Encounter Plus

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Tramex Roof And Wall

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Extech MO280 Pinless

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Extech MO210 Pocket

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Lignomat Mini Ligno E/D

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Boat Moisture Meter








A moisture meter proves itself to be a useful tool when testing the moisture content levels of boat materials. When assessing a boat, care, judgement and experience should all be employed and then the moisture meter used as the last tool to give the final assessment.Boat moisture meter



Need A Chainsaw For Firewood?





The petrol chainsaw is used to fell trees, as well as for pruning and cutting overgrowth. Tree surgeons favour the petrol chainsaw and use it for cutting away branches and foliage. Petrol chainsaw


Orchid Moisture Meter






The orchid belongs to a widespread and very diverse family of flowering plants which have fragrant and colourful blooms. Orchids can be found in pretty much every habitat. Moisture meter for orchids



Caravan Moisture Meter






Any caravan that is kept open to the elements all year round can become very susceptible to damp and damp related problems if proper precautions are not taken to prevent this. Caravan moisture meter



Garden Moisture Meter











The garden moisture meter helps any avid gardener to measure and monitor many different conditions to ensure that they can maintain healthy growing conditions for both indoor as well as outdoor plants. In order to have healthy thriving plants Garden moisture meter


Which Is The Best Firewood?

It is a good and important question to ask. There are differences between how different types of firewoods burn. The best firewood



Seasoning Logs

If you use logs on your fire or in the stove which are not well seasoned you will experience a lack of heat and if your stove has a window you will notice that it is getting tarred up. Bad logs will also result in tar forming in your chimney. Basically with bad unseasoned logs you are wearing out your stove and chimney as well as producing high levels of particulates which can have unwanted effects upon your health. Seasoning And Moisture Content With Wood



Need A Firewood Moisture Meter?


The Stihl moisture meter can be used to detect and give a moisture reading level in firewood. This is important if you have a log burning fire or stove. Stihl moisture meter


Found in the stems and roots of trees, wood is a hard and fibrous structural tissue. For thousands of years is has been used as both a fuel and a construction material.

Basically it is an organic matural composed of cellulose fibres which are embedded within a matrix of lignin and can withstand and resist compression. What is wood


What Is Wood ?