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Screed Moisture Meter

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The Importance Of Measuring Moisture Content In Screed

The main issue associated with floor screeding is the long drying period it requires. This can prove to be a hurdle in any early completion of a floor. It is not possible to lay a floor finish, such as wood boards, vinyl or tiles, on top of screed unless it has dried properly. It can take as long as 4 months for screed of 75 mm to dry properly enough to fit the floor finish on top of it.

After the screed has dried out though, it is the responsibilty of the floor finisher to take an accurate moisture content level of the screed before applying the floor finish. There are several methods for testing the moisture content of screed.


Air Hygrometer test


Here a measurement of the moisture released by the screed in a sealed area over 72 hours is taken. A calibrated hygrometer is put on the screed floor and then sealed. The reading that is then given over the time period in the sealed area is taken and the moisture content can be calculated. This is a traditional method, time consuming, and because of the moisture meter technology these days, not so widely used. Though some tradesmen would use no other method.

Concrete Moisture Test

This is the most widely used method that gives quick and accurate results. The 2 methods are: the calcium carbide test with the carbide moisture meter or using a screed moisture meter.

With the carbide test a sample of screed from mid depth is taken and allowed to react with a calcium carbide reagent. The reaction will release acetylene gas, and the amount of gas will indicate the amount of moisture content in the screed.

Using the screed moisture meter is a lot more convenient to undertake and much quicker in obtaining results. You use this type of meter to test large surface areas and get a moisture content level in percentage form.

Moisture Content Issues With Screed

Any excess moisture levels in screed can cause a host of problems in floor coverings. Adhesive degradation, delaminating of the floor coverings, movement, condensation are just a few problems that can be caused. With wood flooring swelling, cupping and movement of the floor can occur if screed has excessive moisture content. And finally, excessive moisture in the screed can lead to mold growth and the emission of harmful vapours.


Wood moisture meter

Concrete moisture meter

Screed is a type of concrete that is used to create a level surface on floor finishes, to encase any underfloor piping or to be left as a hard wearing surface. Screed is laid on top of any existing concrete base, on top of some sort of damp membrane or any insulation. When screed it is essential to make sure that any base preparation is done correctly to ensure that there are not any severe problems or consequences with the screed in the long run.

Screed is generally a mixture of cement, sharp sand and water. The mixing ration is a standard 4 sharp sand for every one cement. The best way to mix screed is using a forced action by a screed pump to ensure that you get a good mix. Most issues with screed arise from drying out before being laid or not mixed correctly. Of importance here is that a well laid screed will extend the life of a floor, but a failed screed will reduce the quality of a floor and may be extremely expensive for you to rectify.

After screeding, screed protection has to be employed to prevent any screed failures. Traffic on the freshly laid screed has to be regulated and screed protectors placed. Site traffic should be forbidden for at least 24/48 hours after the screed has been installed. All heavy site traffic should also be regulated until the final finish has been installed on the floor. And heavy weights should not be put on the screed without prior consultation with a structural engineer.



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The Tramex CRH moisture meter is one of the most advanced meters used within the flooring industry for testing screed for moisture content, temperature and relative humidity. With this meter you can test screed non destructively for moisture content. The dew point and relative humidity of the screed can also be tested using the in-situ method.

The Tramex CRH screed moisture meter uses electrical impedance measurement to give its fast and accurate results. It is easy to use and the micro controller will calculate moisture content, relative humidity, temperature and dew point for you and display all that information on its clear digital display.


Pinless moisture meter

Stores up to 900 readings

Can connect to pc

Choice of scales

Instant readings

Measures moisture content, dew point, temperature and relative humidity




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