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Poulan P3314 Chainsaw






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This Poulan chainsaw is quite a little power house and can be used to cut firewood as well as any other cutting and clearing jobs you need doing in the garden. It is a lightweight chainsaw that is both comfortable to hold and easy to use. Not packed with the greatest number of features, it does have a 33 cc engine and a 14 inch bar.

The automatic chain oiler does ensure that your chain and bar are always properly lubricated and the clean air filter system ensures that the air filter is kept unblocked and allowed to do it’s job. It is a easy start chainsaw with the primer bulb and the low vibration handle is very effective at protecting your arms and hands from fatigue. When buying one of these from Poulan, it comes fully assembled and with a 1 year guarantee. It is a convenient and cost effect chainsaw.






2 stroke


33 cc


Bar length 14 inch


Chain type 91P3


Automatic oil pump


Super clean air filter system


Primer bulb


Easy Start


Low vibration handle


Kick back preventer










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