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Delmhorst BD-10 Pin Analog Wood Moisture Meter


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Pin meter


External electrode connector


Used on wood and other materials


Analog display


Depth measurement


Pin depth


Moisture range 6% - 40%


Reference scale 0 - 100 relative scale


Built in calibration check


Ergonomic design


Temperature stable circuit


Uses resistance technology









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The Delmhorst BD-10 moisture meter is a very versatile moisture meter ideal for checking moisture content levels in wood and other non wood materials. It has 2 reference scales on it’s very clear analog display. For wood there is the display scale which is expressed as a percentage and there is a reference scale for non wood materials which can be used to gain comparative readings. This particular moisture meter can be used with a probe connector and other attachments to obtain deeper moisture content readings.

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Length       8”


Width        3”


Height        1 5/8”


Weight       10 ounces


Power        9 volt battery

Using The Delmhorst BD-10 Meter



The Delmhorst BD-10 is a moisture meter that has been designed to monitor moisture content levels in wood, concrete and other materials. This particular moisture meter is fitted with 2 scales. One is for wood and the other for reference. Before using the meter you should always do a calibration test using the calibration button. For wood the needle pointer needs to be pointing at 20 on the wood scale for the unit to be properly calibrated. When performing your calibration test you need to ensure that the contact pins do not come in to contact with anything.


To take a reading with the Delmhorst BD-10 you need to remove the protective cover from the pins and ensure that they are tight and secure. Align the contact pins parallel with the grain of the wood and push them in to the wood as deeply as possible. Press the read button and you will have your moisture content reading for that particular wood.


If you are having paint problems in the home this is likely to be due to moisture in the wood that has been absorbed and reached the back of the paint film. In order to have a good quality paint job it is important that the wood remains dry after the paint has been applied. Outdoor wood should have a maximum moisture content of 15% and indoor wood a content reading of no more than 8% prior to any application of paint.



The Delmhorst BD-10 is an effective tool for testing the moisture in concrete. When testing a concrete slab you have to test both the surface and the mid section of the slab. The reason for this being to see if there is any moisture migration and movement. To use the Delmhorst BD-10 meter you must first drive 2 masonry nails in to the slab about 1/8th of an inch depth and ¾” apart. You then touch the masonry nails with the pins of your moisture meter and press the read button. A reading of red or wet signifies that the slab is not suitable for covering and further tests may be required. To test the subsurface of a concrete slab you need to drill 2 holes to a depth of about 2 inches and ¾” apart. Drive 2 masonry nails in to the holes and perform the same test as above. A reading of green or dry will indicate that is is ok to cover the floor.


When it comes to testing brickwork and masonry with the Delmhorst BD-10 you to drive 2 masonry nails in to the material to a depth of about ¼” and ensure that they are secure enough to give a firm contact without moving. Touch these nails with the pins of your moisture meter and press the read button.



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For testing plaster with the Delmhorst BD-10 you need to drive the contact pins in to the plaster to their full penetration capabilities. Then press the read button. To get a reading below the surface of the plaster, take 2 nails and drive them in to the plaster. Touch the heads of the 2 nails with the contact pins on your moisture meter and take a reading.


The Delmhorst BD-10 can also be used to take moisture content readings of insulation. You will use an electrode and insulated pins for this. Drill 2 holes in to the insulation and insert the contact pins in to the holes. Press read and check the reference scale on your device. After taking a test you can fill the holes you made with putty and smooth off.