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Can be used on many building restoration applications for detecting water leaks within walls, floors and ceilings.

Can be used to test such materials as concrete, wood, paper, fabrics and plaster.

There are 5 dual colour LEDs that give an indication of 10 different moisture levels.

The green LEDs 5%, 7%, 9%, 11%, 12%

The red LEDs 14%, 16%, 20%, 30%, 40%

It has a one button operation making it very easy to use every time.

The auto power off and data hold add to the convenient use of this tool.

On power up there is a battery level check.

Comes supplied with a protective cap for the pins, a built in pocket clip and one AAA battery.



Features Of The Extech MO25 Moisture Pen

Extech MO25 Moisture Pen

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Operating The Extech MO25 Moisture Pen

Before we say anything else, we must say that electrode pins are very sharp and one must be careful when using a moisture meter with them. This moisture pen is no exception so when you are not using it always ensure that the protective cap is on.

Right to fire up this little meter you need to hold the power button for 3 or so seconds. You will notice that one LED lamp flashes when the meter is on and idling. If you do nothing with the meter for a minute it will automatically switch itself off.

When on remove the protective cap to expose the electrode pins. These pins have to be pushed in to the material that you are testing. If you are testing wood make sure that the pins are inserted perpendicular to the fibre structure of the wood.

It is always best to take a couple of readings in a particular area of a material to obtain the best representation of any moisture content levels that are present. The LED lights will give you the results. With wood a green LED will indicate moisture content levels between 5% and 12%. The red LED will indicate moisture content between 14% and 40%.

To freeze any result you need to press the power button momentarily. To disable the freeze result just press the power button again.

When you have finished using the moisture pen always replace the protective cap.

The moisture pen is powered by a battery. The battery power levels are tested as soon as the pen is switched on. If 5 LED lamps are lit then the battery is at full power levels. 1 lit LED lamp alerts you to the battery having minumum power and its time to replace the battery with a new one. This is simply done by unscrewing the battery compartment cover with a philips screwdriver and placing a new one in.


The Extech MO25 Moisture Pen has been recently introduced to the market by Extech. Not the most technically advanced moisture meter device on the market, but certainly one of the most useful. Because of its size it can be carried anywhere and always be on hand if you need to take any emergency readings. You can use this moisture pen to test either wood or any building materials and even use it to detect any problematic water leaks. Very simple to use, cheap to buy and replace if you lose it and gives good accurate results makes this Extech moisture pen a good addition to anyones tool box.



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