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If you have never bought a chainsaw before the process can be quite intimidating. Advertising implies that every particular chainsaw brand in the world is the best. And there are many brands and many different chainsaw models to choose from. Help!


The thing to do is ignore all the advertising, listen to personal advice from chainsaw users and find yourself a brand name that you are familiar with and trust. One such leading chainsaw brand that is worthy of consideration is the Jonsered chainsaw.


Jonsered has over 50 years of experience in the chainsaw market and a very nice range of chainsaws available that cover the majority of people’s requirements. Jonsered come from Sweden and it was them who first introduced the prototype of the modern day one man chainsaw to the market.


These days their chainsaws are designed to be efficient, high performing and ergonomically designed for the user’s comfort in use. The engines have been the subject of advanced technology and now are more responsive, produce less emissions and give greater torque.


The Jonsered chainsaw is most definitely in the top 10 of chainsaw brands out there today on the market.








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The design of the Jonsered chainsaw features some very nice features to make the working experience with this brand a chainsaw a more pleasant experience.


Balance and control.


When you hold the Jonsered chainsaw you are immediately aware of the balance of the tool. It is the streamlined design body which gives the chainsaw it’s perfect balance and control feel. The front handle on these chainsaws also create clear felling direction markers.


Air cleaning.


The Jonsered chainsaw is equipped with turbo air cleaning. This technology uses centrifugal force to separate sawdust and other

dust from the air intake. The result is a cleaner running chainsaw where not so much maintenance is required on the air filter.


Tool free chain tension.


This is always a welcome addition to any chainsaw. The chain has to been adjusted frequently on any chainsaw. Fumbling around and keeping tools present is just an inconvenience.


Easy start.


The last thing anyone wants with a chainsaw is to be faced with a difficult task before even starting work. The easy start with spin start ensures that the Jonsered chainsaw starts efficiently with a pull resistance reduction in the starter handle.


Weight to power.


Always an issue with any chainsaw. The Jonsered chainsaw has a high power output in relation to it’s weight. This elevates any chainsaw up in ranking. Also the Jonsered chainsaw uses steel springs in it’s anti vibration system allowing the user to work for longer periods of time without discomfort.





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