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soon see the walls and mirrors covered in condensation. Open a window and allow air flow and the condensation magically disappears.

Double glaze your bathroom window. Single glazed windows tend to be colder which attracts condensation.

You can open the bathroom door to allow air flow. Though this works in clearing a bathroom, there is the issue of the water vapour entering other parts of your home and causing a condensation problem in another room.

Always Wipe Surfaces Dry

After using your bathroom, dont just dry yourself down and get on with the rest of the day. Take a little time and wipe down every surface in the bathroom with an old towel. Yes it can be boring, but in the long run it will keep your bathroom in good health and perhaps save you a fortune in rebuilding costs. You dont have to be obssessive here and make sure everything is bone dry. Just make sure nothing is soaked.

If you do discover some black spots of mold around the bathroom the clean them away as soon as you can with dishwasher detergent and warm water.

Extractor Fans

If your bathroom does not have a window then you must have an extractor fan installed. Without one the condensation will have no place to escape and this can lead to devasting results for your bathroom. A well fitted extractor fan will remove moist air from the bathroom out in to atmoshere.

Always maintain your extractor fan properly to ensure it is in tip top working condition. An even better idea is to have an extractor fan that comes with a bathroom light. This way you will never forget to turn it on as when you turn the bathroom light on, the extractor fan comes on automatically.


A dehumidifier is also another good little tool to have in the bathroom. It will collect moisture from the air and turn it in to water and store it in a reservoir which you can empty. They can be expensive but they are very efficient.

Structure Of The Bathroom

Ensure that your bathroom has a damp proof course that will resist moisture rising from the grouns and entering the bathroom walls.

Bathroom Walls

Cold surfaces attract condensation. There is not much you can do about cold walls, though you can paint them with special paints to protect them and prevent mold growth.


Demistable Mirrors

Mirrors always get covered in condensation when you run a bath or shower. They need to be wiped down all the time. You could push the boat out for a little luxury and invest in demistable mirrors.

These mirrors are fitted with heating pads which prevent condensation landing on them.






How To Avoid Bathroom Condensation



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Condensation is a problem for every bathroom. Bathrooms are humid places and as soon as water hits the air, droplets are formed on neighbouring cold surfaces. This is condensation.

As well as being annoying to the bathroom user, condensation can also have health issues by encouraging the growth of mould. The appearance of the bathroom can also be altered with wallpaper and other surfaces being ruined.

There are a few simple steps worth taking to minimise the influx of condensation in to the bathroom.


When running a bath or a shower, open the bathroom window if it has one. Test this yourself by running a bath without opening a window. You will




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