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Mac 20X Power Chainsaw








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The Mac 20X chainsaw has been designed to be reliable and efficient. It is a high capacity chainsaw producing 3.1 hp. And in our opinion it is one of the nicest looking chainsaws that McCulloch produces. We know that looks are not important but the style and colour scheme are very enticing. It is a light chainsaw and very versatile. The crankcase on this particular chainsaw is made out of magnesium which is light and durable. The anti vibration system has been applied on this model and there is quick and easy starting due to the fuel pump. Another innovation to appear on this particular model is the decompression valve. What it does is to lower the starting effort by as much as 50%. It does this by reducing the compression in the cylinder while you are trying to start it. The Mac 20X is also equipped with the McCulloch CCS system which is a centrifugal air cleaning system. This means less maintenance tasks for you and better durability of your chainsaw. On looks alone we could not resist choosing this chainsaw. If it’s working criteria is what you require then it is a chainsaw that must be placed at the top, or very near the top, of your wish list.





2 stroke engine


3.1 hp


Adjustable flow oil pump


Decompression Valve


CCS system


Fuel pump


Stop/choke switch combined


Tool less Chain Tensioner


Double Action Chainbrake


Anti vibration


Bar length of 46 cm


Weight 4.9 kg
















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