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Mac 738 Chainsaw






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The McCulloch Mac 738 is a chainsaw that has been designed for all round work of a challenging nature. The heart of this chainsaw is the McCulloch advanced engine system that gives out low emission levels, has reduced fuel consumption figures and ultimately gives out a greater power level. To start the chainsaw could not be any easier due to the fuel primer and the electronic ignition. When in use this chainsaw is comfortable in the hands thanks to the ergonomically designed handles which incorporate the anti vibration system. And on the safety front this chainsaw is equipped with the dual mounted chain brake that has auto inertia activation. This Mac 738 is one of the most popular McCulloch chainsaws and proves itself to be extremely durable and efficient in operation. Those that acquire one will find themselves having an excellent chainsaw in their tool portfolio.

All the spare parts and necessary accessories for the Mac 738 are easily obtainable from stockists and McCulloch themselves. If you wish to know more about this chainsaw and how it works there is an online instruction manual that you can refer to.





2 stroke engine


2 hp


Automatic oil pump




CCS system


Fuel pump


Stop/choke switch combined


Double action chain brake


Anti vibration


Bar length of 40 cm


Weight 5.5 kg













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