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The UEi moisture meter can be used to measure moisture content levels in wood, cardboard and paper. As well as these materials it can also be used to test such materials as mortar, concrete and plaster. It comes with a protective cap which includes a test circuit inside it that can verify the measuremnet function and the power levels left in the battery. The display is LCD and the results are given in a graph form with there being a dual range for any wood and other materials.

The meter is accurate and can boastingly claim of having an accuracy of 1% for wood and 0.05% for other materials. The measuring range for wood is 6 to 44% and the range for other materials is 0.2 to 2%. Amongst the other features of this moisture meter are an auto switch off, battery test check and replaceable probes. On purchasing a new model one is given a 1 year limited warranty.





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Features Of The UEi Moisture Meter


Pin meter

Replaceable probes

Auto power off

Battery check test

Measuring range 6 - 44% wood, 0.2 - 2% other materials

LCD bar graph display

Operating temperature 32 - 104 F