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14345 N.E. Morris Court Portland, Oregon 97230 USA
1(800)- 227-2105


Lignomat USA was established in Portland, Oregon in 1975.


One of Lignomat USA's keys to success is that they give their customers high quality products with flexibility to adapt to their applications at competitive prices.


Whenever you need to know the moisture content of a material you can always turn to Lignomat for their help. The run an extensive line of both pin and pinless moisture meters.

As well as these they have meter packages and any accessory you may require for your moisture meter.

The Lignomat moisture meter has a well earned reputation and such professionals as architects, building inspectors, restoration specialists and carpenters swear by Lignomat and their moisture meters for the reliability in obtaining moisture content levels in materials.

With Lignomat you can choose a pin moisture meter or opt for a pinless version knowing that you will receive operating manuals and wood charts for each specific meter. On top of this there is also the excellent customer support they provide.

As well as providing moisture meters, Lignomat can also supply you with accessories and parts that you may require.

You can purchase replacement pins, cables and probes if you wish to enhance your testing capabilities.






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Lignomat Moisture Meter Mini-Ligno E/D


Lignomat Moisture Meter Mini-Ligno S/D


Lignomat 6% to 20% Pin LED Wood Moisture Meter


Lignomat MINI-LIGNO E 6 to 36-percent Pin LED Wood Moisture Meter


Lignomat Mini-Ligno DX/C Moisture Meter


Lignomat Scanner D Pinless Moisture Meter


Lignomat BW, Ligno-DuoTec BW Moisture Meter, Materials & RH Connector


Lignomat MINI-LIGNO S 6% to 20% Pin LED Wood, Plaster, and Drywall Moisture Meter