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Einhell BG-PC 4040 Chainsaw







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This petrol chainsaw from Einhell is a powerful semi professional chainsaw. It has been designed for such work as felling, pruning and other types of heavy duty DIY work. The heart of this chainsaw is an extremely efficient and high performance 2 stroke 40 cc engine. The engine is equipped with an electronic ignition, primer and choke. All these combined ensure that the chainsaw is quick and easy to start. A little heavier than other models in it’s class this chainsaw comes in at 7 kg. However with the vibration dampening system it is still a comfortable chainsaw to work with that minimizes worker fatigue during use.

It comes fitted with the high performing Oregon chainsaw bar that remains in tip top condition thanks to the automatic lubrication. In case of kickback the chainsaw has a fast acting chain brake than can stop the chain in a millisecond and there is a chain catcher which prevents the chain from ever jumping off the rail. The fuel tank on this chainsaw is one we like as it can hold 430 ml of fuel which means you can work longer with it without have to re fuel so often.




2 stroke engine


40 cc


Safety trigger


Automatic choke


Electronic ignition


Chain brake and hand guard


Walbro carburettor


Oregon bar


Chain catch


Anti vibration design


Automatic lubrication


Large claw stop


Bar length 40 cm


Weight 7 kg


















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