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Husqvarna 240e Chainsaw





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This Husqvarna 240e is a new model from Huqvarna in the small chainsaw category. It has all the attributes of the 236 and 240 plus a little more. The 2 most significant features that add improvement to this chainsaw are the Smart Start technology and the TrioBrake system. Smart start is where both the engine and starter have been designed to ensure that the chainsaw will start quickly and easily.

The TrioBrake system adds extra safety to this chainsaw and allows the operator to have the chain brake activated automatically by the inertia release or to have the chain brake applied by the user’s left or right hand. Again this chainsaw has the X-Torq engine, Air injection and the advanced fuel pump.

The 240e is ideal for pruning jobs, light cutting and hobby work. It is definitely equipped with more than the other 2 models in this small hobby chainsaw range and is definitely the top model of the 3. It is more expensive, but with all the features we feel that the price is justified and wouldn’t deter anyone from purchasing one.





Centrifugal air cleaning system


X-Torq engine


Smart Start




Side Mounted Chain Tensioner


Choke/stop control combined


LowVib that absorbs vibrations and saves your arms


Fuel pump that is designed for easy starting


Inertia chain brake for safety


IDA ignition


2 stroke engine


2.0 horse power


Maximum speed 9000 rpm


Bar length 33-40 cm


Weight 5.0 KG















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