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“You get what you pay for” is a well known saying. So when you see the retail price of this Kamasa moisture meter, it would be no surprise, if you thought it was a very limited tool and should be overlooked for a more advanced moisture meter. Now that would be a mistake. Yes , this moisture meter is cheap to buy and is most definitely not the most advanced model on the market. However, having tested it, it has proved to be an exceptional tool. Being small makes it very portable and easy to carry and store. It locates moisture levels in an accurate manner and with consistency.

It is manufactured to a high level and many years of service can be assumed. The only criticisms of this moisture meter are that the 2 sensor prongs are miniature ( which has to be expected on a mini moisture meter ) and they require more pressure to insert into the material that you are testing. Secondly, the LCD screen is small and if you are working in areas with subdued light, you may need help from someone to shine a torch on the display so you can read the results.

This moisture meter can be used to test a variety of materials, but we found that it excelled with plaster and wood. We encountered problems with testing concrete, and would opt for a larger and stronger moisture meter for testing this medium.

Opinion Of The Kamasa Moisture Meter

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With the right tools any job can be completed. The quality of tools is all important with considerations of ergonomics, functions and materials taken. With Kasama tools you have a quality product that has been tested, modified and evaluated.


History of Kamasa


1968 - ZJ Kamasa founded Kamasa Tools


1969 - Kamasa introduced lifetime warranty. A first at the time.


1971 - Kamasa Tools first marketed.


1977 - Kamasa Tools bought by KG Knutsson AB


1982 - The World’s first 87 piece toolset introduced.


1991 - 2 component handles on screwdrivers first introduced.


2007 - Electric power tools and automotive tools introduced.


2009 - New series of compressed air tools introduced which were lighter, quieter           and more powerful.


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The Kamasa mini moisture meter is a very easy device to use due to it’s size and portability. It can be used to test for moisture levels on plaster, concrete, mortar, wood, cardboard and paper. All results are displayed as a percentage on the digital face. All well as testing for moisture levels the Kamasa moisture meter can be used for checking ambient temperature. For the homeowner with a cosy log fire in the living room, this moisture meter is ideal for testing firewood to ensure there is no more than 20% moisture content in logs before burning. When you buy one new you can expect to pay around $25 for the boxed unit which comes complete with a very easy to understand, instruction manual.

All Kamasa tools are manufactured according to international standards and undergo strict levels of quality control. Any Kamasa product is also supplied with a lifetime guarantee to protect against any defects that may arise. So buying this Kamasa moisture meter has added benefits.

If you are looking specifically for a moisture meter to test firewood, then this Kamasa model is a must look at, for consideration. Looking at the size and design of this moisture meter, there are many similar characteristics to the Stihl wood moisture meter. Comparing the 2 is something one should do.

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Size - 15.6 x 9.4 x 2.7 cm


Weight - 18g


Batteries - Yes


Digital Display


Automatic power off




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Additional Specifications Of The Kamasa Moisture Meter

Measurement Range - Wood 6 - 42 % Materials - 0.2 - 2 %


Temperature - 0 - 40 C or 32 - 99 F


Resolution - wood 1% Material 0.1%


Accuracy - +/- 2%


Operating Environment - 0 C - 40 C


Humidity - 5 %

Visit the Official Kamasa Tools website for a more in-depth review of their products.