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This Ryobi moisture meter can be used to detect any moisture levels which provide an ideal breeding ground for mold to flourish. From wood to masonry, the meter will detect and display the percentage of moisture present. You need to remember though, that the Ryobi meter does not identify or detect the actual presence of mold.


Before using the meter, one needs to load the battery and this can be done by removing the back cover and inserting one. The battery status bar in the LED screen will always notify you of the present power levels in your battery.


To turn this meter on, just simply hold down the power unit button and it will spring in to life. It has an automatic switch off which is triggered after 60 seconds of non use. Before using you need to determine which mode you want the moisture meter in. The available modes are wall, masonry, softwood and hardwood and they are all self explanatory.


To take a measurement you have to place the back of the unit flat against the material you are measuring. This measurement will be given as a percentage.


Dos And Donts


It is important that you ensure that the back sensors are clear of any debris.

When handling the Ryobi moisture meter, always hold it from the front and sides.

You do not want your fingers to come in to contact with the sensors as this can distort any resulting readings.


The meter has to be firmly in contact with the substance that is being measured.

You should not slide the meter along any surface you are testing. Any metal present could interfere with results.


Whenever you remove the Ryobi moisture meter away from the testing substance, the measurement will disappear. In order to retain any results you need to press the hold button before you remove the unit from the testing surface.

Operating The Ryobi Moisture Meter

Ryobi Moisture Meter



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Results From The Ryobi Moisture Meter


As well as the LED display results you will see that there is a moisture reference bar underneath it. This bar will light up as you take a measurement to give an indication of moisture range. The ranges will be dependent upon which mode you have the moisture meter in.


Wall and Masonry Modes


Green = 0 - 30%

Yellow = 31 - 70%

Red = 71% +


Softwood and Hardwood Mode


Green = 0 - 14%

Yellow = 15 - 17%

Red = 18% +


You need to remember that these measurements on the bar are for reference only. They give you an idea as to the moisture level content of a substance. Before you make your next move of making repairs etc you need to consult a professional.


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For a nice priced moisture meter to have in your tool box, the Ryobi moisture meter, is certainly a good option. It is a versatile unit that can be used for testing in hardwood, softwood, drywall and masonry. It is particularly apt at detecting conditions which are suitable for mold growth. Being a pin less version, this moisture meter will not cause any surface damage when you use it.

As far as obtaining results, the LCD display gives you a very visual result, kind on the eyes, of any moisture content in a particular substance as a percentage. Measuring up to a depth of ½ an inch, many who have purchased and used one of these, will always recommend it.

As with most things in life, you only get what you pay for. On the price scale of moisture meters, the Ryobi is not high up amongst the wallet busting models, yet it is neither at the bottom of the scale keeping rather poor units company. It is a bargain price and when we tested it against the GRP-33 and one of our favourite Tramex meters, it did not fall as short as expected. Though not as superior as the testing opponents, the results were fine and for the difference in purchase price, it is very difficult for us to not say it is a better buy for the occasional user.

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Display: LCD display


Measuring range: Wood 5-30%


Accuracy: 3%


Operating Temperature: 32F - 104f


Weight: 8 ounces



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Opinion Of The Ryobi Moisture Meter

If you prefer the pinless type of moisture meter, then this Ryobi model with it’s 2 flat sensors on the back, is one that works well with fairly reliable results. If you do buy one though, it is worth buying yourself a box of decent 9 volt batteries, as the one that it is supplied with is a cheap version that is only good for the bin.


We did find though that this meter does tend to pick up all metals within walls. Nails, wires and corner beads do not go undetected and this does effect the results. Being pinless, there is no way of pin pointing a specific area and hence it is more suitable for general areas.


The moisture meter works on continuity so any metal present will cause false readings. And because the Ryobi moisture meter has such a large sensor area, you will find it difficult to stay away from metals in small spaces.


Of concern about this moisture meter was when we carried out one of our favourite tests. This involves placing a wet paper towel under a thin floor mat. To our disappointment the Ryobi did not detect any moisture, which is of



But it is a handy, durable and cheap unit that performs better with wood than masonry.