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Thirsty Light Garden Moisture Meters











Sometimes when you go out shopping you just happen to come across something that really appeals due to its simplicity and novelty. Thirsty light garden meters

Moisture Meter Guide

The complete moisture meter website

Bond 9628 moisture meter

The Bond 9628 garden moisture meter is a meter that is accurate and very easy to use. No batteries are required to run this meter and when you buy one brand new it will be supplied with a full and easy to understand instruction manual.

Dont be put off by the low price tag on this unit. Just because it is cheap does not mean that it is unreliable and not worth having. Quite the opposite actually. We tested one of these by purchasing 2 identical models and situating them in the garden. Both gave identical results which were very accurate.



Can measure water levels

Can detect the moisture content level in soil

Does not require batteries


Easy to use






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The Orchid Moisture Meter








The orchid belongs to a widespread and very diverse family of flowering plants which have fragrant and colourful blooms. Orchids can be found in pretty much every habitat. Orchid growing care

Firewood Moisture Meter













The Stihl moisture meter can be used to detect and give a moisture reading level in firewood. This is important if you have a log burning fire or stove. It is essential that you only burn well seasoned wood. As well as being able to detect the moisture levels in firewood the Stihl moisture meter can be used on both paper and cardboard as well.

Stihl firewood meter


Hydroponic Moisture Meter







Hydroponics is a way of growing plants in water, using mineral nutrient solutions and no soil. Terrestrial plants can be grown using such mediums as gravel, mineral wool, expanded clay and rock wool. Hydroponic growing

Bond Moisture Meters






Petrol Strimmer









So if you are in the market for buying a petrol strimmer you can either sit in the comfort of your own home and browse the internet until you find what you are looking for. Strimmer

Lawn Scarifier
















When choosing from the vast array of lawn scarifiers available to you, the size of your lawn and the budget available to you to invest will be deciding factors. Scarifier


Petrol Chainsaw

















The petrol chainsaw is a mechanical hand held saw. It can be powered by either petrol or diesel. Chainsaw


Using A Garden Moisture Meter

If you are a keen gardener then a soil moisture meter is a must have item. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, making them very versatile. Long gone will be the days of overwatering or underwatering your plants with one of these instruments. Every plant you have, inside and outside, will benefit from you using a soil moisture meter.

They are simple in design and simple to use. All you do is insert the pointed end of the meter in to the soil or plant pot and a moisture content reading of the soil will show up almost immediately. Garden moisture meters work on 3 different moisture level zones. These zones are dry, moist and wet and are colour coded red, green, blue.

You need to have knowledge about the plants you grow as different plants have different moisture requirements. Certain plants such as the corn plant require a dry soil. The frequency you need to water your plants will depend on the soil moisture content level and other factors such as sunlight and humidity. But if you leave your garden moisture meter in situ all the time, just a quick glance will alert you as to which situation you are in with your plants.


Bond 9629 moisture meter

This soil moisture meter is a 3 in 1 instrument. It can measure the moisture content of soil, ascertain whether your plant is receiving enough light or not and help you control the PH levels in your soil. It is very easy to use and all results are easily diagnosed.


Accurate and easy-to-use


Alerts when watering required


Helps you control pH level in soil




Instructions included


No batteries required


Bond Moisture Meter 740860




Measures moisture content of soil


Lets you know when to water your plants


Easy to use and read




No batteries needed


For indoor or outdoor use


Useful Plant Watering Tips


Small pots will dry out a lot quicker than big pots.


Soil in clay pots will dry out quicker than soil in plastic pots.


Plants exposed to direct sunlight will dry out quicker than plants which are in the shade.


Plants in the home situated near to heating elements will dry out quickly.


Over watering is a term applied to the frequency of watering and not the amount of water given.