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With the motto "With strength of purpose, ingenuity and a motivated team
we will continue to march successfully into the future and
surprise the market with many planned innovations." Merlin Technology was founded in 1995 by Johann Reisinger.

In the beginning the main trade was that of wood processing machinery and planning solutions for surface engineering. Their product range was extended to non destructive wood moisture meters which quickly gained International reputation and are exported to 70 countries around the world.

The Merlin moisture meter is designed specifically for furniture, wood, sawmill and veneer usage. Amongst their products are also the worlds smallest moisture meter called the "Merlin Minimoist" for firewood and masonary testing.






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Merlin ECO-10HD Moisture Meter


Merlin HM8-WS1 Veneer HD Moisture Meter


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Merlin HM8-WS25 HD Moisture Meter

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