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Delmhorst J-LITE Moisture Meter


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Moisture range 6% - 30%


Built in calibration check




Integral contact pins


12 bright LEDs for clear readings in darkness or sunlight


Micro controller for reliability


3 year warranty


Pin meter


Durable case with built in handle


Test wood


Test other materials


Measurement depth 5/16th inch


Increments of 2%


LED display








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The Delmhorst J-LITE moisture meter is just another fine example of the type of pin type moisture meter that Delmhorst manufacture. It is designed for ease of use and can be used on wood and other materials. What makes this moisture meter stand out are the coloured LEDs which allows you to read the readings in dark areas or even in direct sunlight. The J-LITE moisture meter is both reliable and versatile. All it’s attributes make it an ideal moisture meter for both experienced and novice woodworkers.

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Length       8”


Width        3”


Height        1 5/8”


Weight       10 ounces


Power        9 volt battery

Using The Delmhorst J-LITE Moisture Meter






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Before using the Delmhorst J-LITE moisture meter it is advisable that you check the calibration of the unit. Press the calibration button to do this. The “12” LED should light up. If not, or any other LED lights up your device is more than likely to have a low battery. Change the battery and everything should be just fine.


To take a reading with the Delmhorst J-LITE moisture meter remove the protective cover from the contact pins. Check the pins to ensure that they are firmly hand tightened in to the hand unit. With wood, align the contact pins parallel with the wood grain and push them in to the wood to their full penetration. Press the read key and the display will give you a reading in % MC.


To care for the Delmhorst J-LITE moisture meter always store it in a clean and dry place.


When you buy one it should come with a protective cover or carry case. Keeping the moisture meter in either of these when not in use will protect it very well.


If the battery does run low always replace as soon as possible. If you continue to use the moisture meter with a weak battery it may well go out of calibration.


Always change the contact pins when required and ensure that the pin retainers are always hand tightened.


When cleaning the moisture meter always use a biodegradable cleaner. Only clean the external parts of the moisture meter.


If you will not be using the moisture meter for a month or more then you must remove the battery from it before storing.