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If you are homeowner who has some garden work that needs tending to, or a seasoned logger looking for a serious chainsaw, then Poulan chainsaws are well worth a look at with the variety of models that they produce.


Many homeowners prefer to do any gardening tasks themselves rather than hire a professional and a chainsaw can be a very useful tool for them to own.


Poulan supplies both the petrol chainsaw and the electric chainsaw.


Their electric chainsaw range has been receiving good reviews of late for their efficiency and capabilities as well as starting first time in many cases. Starting can be an issue with a petrol chainsaw, particularly if it has been left for a while and not stored correctly.


Poulan supplies a small range of petrol chainsaws which are competitively priced and ideal for the garden owner and small jobs. Poulan also has the Poulan Pro range which are chainsaws with more power and designed for the toughest of jobs.


So depending upon your requirements, there could be a particular Poulan chainsaw to suit you.







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Reviewing a particular chainsaw brand in great depth is pretty difficult to do and in many cases pretty pointless because most chainsaw brands have a team like following and loyalty that is rarely broken.


Once a user has purchased a chainsaw and it serves them well the brand name loyalty grows and grows unless something drastic happens and the chainsaw user is let down very badly. This is why it is so important for the chainsaw manufacturers to grab the first time chainsaw buyer.


The Poulan chainsaw has always been there or thereabouts when it comes to reviews but it has never topped the big names such as Stihl and Husqvarna. And as a company, Poulan has not really advanced in the same capacity as the bigger brand names. They seem to be a little behind in their technology and added features to their chainsaws.


This may be on purpose though as what Poulan does have is a very good basic chainsaw range at perhaps the most competitive prices on the market today. And this criteria is excellent and appealing homeowner who wants to buy a chainsaw that they will use occasionally and not have to break the bank to acquire.


And perhaps Husqvarna realised this because they now own Poulan. Technologies are now shared but as with McCulloch (also owned by Husqvarna), the impact of poulan as a major player in the chainsaw market is perhaps limited.


What the Poulan chainsaw does have is great value for money though and because of this it will always have a market with novice users. Populations are growing, ore houses are built and hence more gardens need upkeep. Private lightweight gardening tasks are always abundant and the Poulan chainsaw provides an economical solution to this.


We are not sure how long Poulan will remain competitive in today’s market, but for an entry level chainsaw they are a good place to begin your search.





Poulan Chainsaw Safety












To Care Is To Share

Owning your own chainsaw at home is very useful. Whenever something needs cutting you can just take the chainsaw out and perform the task quickly. Chainsaws are not cheap to buy and to keep them in tip top condition, one must maintain them and keep an eye on their condition.


But despite the resilience of the chainsaw there are always parts that will wear out or break. Poulan parts can be purchased from any chainsaw dealership or over the internet, so maintaining one is not such an issue that you may fear.


Poulan chainsaws are durable and you can expect to receive good service from them. But there are three parts that you need to keep your eyes on and check regularly.


The chain catcher is there to catch the chain if it jumps off the rail or breaks. A chainsaw chain which breaks at full speed becomes like a whip and the sharp teeth are potentially very dangerous.


Therefore you want this chain catcher to be in perfect condition all the time. You need to examine it every time before you use the chainsaw. If you see any cracks or dents on it then replace it immediately. Even the minimal of damage can have dire consequences.


The chain brake is there to stop the chain immediately. Many chainsaw accidents have occurred because the chain brake was not functioning properly. If any part is broken or damaged you need to replace it immediately.


The fly wheel is an important component on any chainsaw and it is often overlooked in maintenance. The fly wheel regulates the speed of the chainsaw’s engine and it is mainly accountable for making the blade of the chainsaw turn.


If the flywheel is broken or damaged then the chainsaw will not operate. The flywheel also assists in regulating chain speed.


Maintaining a Poulan Chainsaw






Poulan supplies the petrol chainsaw, the electric chainsaw and the pole chainsaw. Whenever using any one of these versions it is imperative that you wear the correct safety protective clothing and follow chainsaw using procedures correctly.

Poulan does not manufacture it’s own brand of safety gear so you need to shop else where for it. You can do this at any chainsaw dealership or buy over the internet. You can mix and match your safety gear or buy everything from one particular brand. Husqvarna and Stihl both produce exceptional protective gear which are well worth considering. Their items may be a little pricey in comparison but the quality and protection levels are there.