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Water Damage

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Water damage is when water intrudes and attacks a material or system with a destructive process such as the rotting of wood, mold growth, the rusting of any steel or the delamination of materials like plywood. This damage can be  on a slow manner with just small damp spots being created and spreading, or something more dramatic like a flooding. Whatever the speed of the water damage, one fact remains and that is that water damage contributes to an awful lot of property loss and damage. Water damage can come from many different sources. Broken pipes and hoses, white good water overflows, clogged toilets, leaking roofs, moisture in walls and bad weather are just a few contributing factors.


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Categories Of Water Damage


Category 1 water is the reference to the source of water that is not a threat to us humans. In the trade it is known as clean water. This is where broken water pipes or appliance overflows take place.


Category 2 water is the reference to a source of water that can cause discomfort or even sickness to us humans. The water here will contain contaminants of the chemical, biological or physical nature. Called grey water this water will carry micro organisms. Some examples are sump pump failings and toilet overflows.


Category 3 water is very unsanitary. It will contain harmful fungi and bacteria which gives us sickness and extreme discomfort. Category 3 water affects the environment indoors. It can come from sewage, seawater, water from overflowing rivers and standing water. It is known as black water.


Classes Of Water Damage


The class of water damage is assessed by the rate of evaporation and the type of material that is water affected. This classification is important because one can then determine the type of equipment required and the timescale needed for repair.


Class 1 is a slow rate of evaporation where only a part of a room has been affected. It is just where the minimum of moisture has been absorbed by a material.


Class 2 is a fast rate of evaporation where the water has affected a whole room. All the carpets and upholstery will have absorbed moisture and moisture can also have wicked up the walls to a height not exceeding 24 inches.


Class 3 is the fastest rate of evaporation where water has come from overhead pretty much being absorbed by everything in the room and the whole structure of the room.


Class 4 requires special drying situations. Such materials as concrete and hardwood floors are of low permeance and specialist drying requires low humidity to achieve the drying out.


Restoration Of Water Damage


For each category of water damage there is a different method and different measures required to rectify the issue. Because water is so destructive the restoration methods are dependant upon the amount of water and the amount of time that the water has been stagnant. With a carpet for example if the water has remained stagnant for more than 48 hours then in all likelihood that carpet will contain water that is sewage based and the carpet has to be thrown out. If you can catch the carpet problem within the first 48 hours then you most likely will be able to save the carpet.

Any water damage restoration can be carried out by professional property management teams or even yourself. Prevention is obviously better than repair but in the cases of flooding you are pretty helpless and cannot prevent this. But with small water damage problems such as water spots on walls and ceilings, action can be taken before the problem gets bigger. If you notice any water spots in your home on the walls for example, it is a good idea to test the area with a moisture meter to ascertain the moisture content levels. Once you know this then you can take further action and prevent the problem spreading and even getting out of hand.


Health Hazards Of Water Damage


Some forms of water damage go unnoticed for long periods of time and are only observed when they become more severe. Slight discolourations on walls and ceilings, for example do not jump out at you and " Hi i am here and am a problem for you to take care of". The problems here though are that moulds and fungi can reproduce and spread. This can affect your health especially with allergic reactions and breathing problems.



Boat Moisture Meter








A moisture meter proves itself to be a useful tool when testing the moisture content levels of boat materials. When assessing a boat, care, judgement and experience should all be employed and then the moisture meter used as the last tool to give the final assessment. Damp meter for boats



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Orchid Moisture Meter






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Caravan Moisture Meter






Any caravan that is kept open to the elements all year round can become very susceptible to damp and damp related problems if proper precautions are not taken to prevent this. keeping caravans in good condition



Garden Moisture Meter










The garden moisture meter helps any avid gardener to measure and monitor many different conditions to ensure that they can maintain healthy growing conditions for both indoor as well as outdoor plants. In order to have healthy thriving plants Soil and plant moisture meter


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