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The results from using a chainsaw incorrectly can have devastating results. This is why chainsaw safety clothing should be worn at all times when using a chainsaw.


The chainsaw can easily remove body tissue as it cuts, be affected by kickback and fire towards your torso or easily slip in to your arms and legs.


There is no need to write further on the consequences of any of these actions as our imagination can clarify all.


In the UK one has to be specially trained to use a chainsaw in a professional capacity and despite the training, chainsaws can still catch out even the most experienced of users with their unpredictable behaviour.


This is why protective clothing is a must for all. A law was passed in 1992 stating that suitable protective clothing must be worn at all times when operating a chainsaw.


The suitable clothing included chainsaw trousers, boots, gloves and helmet.










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Design Of Chainsaw Gloves











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When it comes to issues of health and safety many people tend to flout the rules believing that accidents will never happen to them. This is risky to say the least when it comes to operating a chainsaw. Any mishap with the chainsaw can lead to serious injury or even worse, in just a split second. Don’t take the risk.


The legs are a vulnerable part of the body in chainsaw use so to protect them properly you require chainsaw trousers. These are trousers that have been designed specifically to give you that split second moment where disaster can be avoided. Not all chainsaw trousers are the same and in fact can be designed for different situations. Chainsaw trousers can be either type A or Type C chainsaw trousers. Type A chainsaw trousers offer just front protection for the legs where type C offer all round leg protection.


You may find this strange that there is type A and Type C protection trousers. If you need to protect the legs surely that means all round protection? Well yes but there are situations where wearing full protection trousers may not be an option. If you are working in hot conditions for extended periods of time, full protection chainsaw trousers will become hot, heavy, uncomfortable and hinder flexibility. Type A chainsaw trousers will offer front leg protection but be airy, light, comfortable and very flexible.


Protective clothing has improved dramatically over time but still, the more protection one receives, the heavier and more cumbersome the item in question is. Full leg protection is perfect if you are only going to be working with your chainsaw for a couple of hours at a time. Anything more, such as a professional capacity, Type A chainsaw trousers are more suitable.








Design Of Chainsaw Trousers



Chainsaw trousers take on the appearance of a standard pair of trousers or jeans but possess the protective qualities to give you respite from a moving chainsaw chain. Design wise these chainsaw trousers will have ample pockets for carrying any accessories you want with you when working with the chainsaw. There will be extra belt loops for a convenient fit and any buttons will be of a superior quality to ensure that the trousers do not come undone when you are working, At the bottoms of the legs will be long zippers which allow the user to be able to put on or take off their safety boots easily.


On the safety front, chainsaw trousers will contain pads of cut retardant material. These pads are strategically placed at the most vulnerable parts of the leg to the chainsaw. The pads are designed to reduce risk or even severity of injury if they come in to contact with the chainsaw chain. These protective pads have fibres which provide an extra layer of material. These fibres are designed to rip apart if they come in to contact with a moving chain and clog up the sprocket of the chainsaw and hence stop the chain.


The pads, it is worth noting, can only resist the cutting process of the petrol chainsaw for a fraction of a second. But this fraction of a second can be vital and all you need to remove yourself from danger. It is indeed surprising the reaction time and movement that a human has in times of emergency. The pad protection will vary depending upon the speed of the chainsaw chain and the power and torque of the chainsaw. Chainsaw trousers can be washed but follow the manufacture guidelines for doing this as improper care can result in the cut retardant qualities being destroyed.


For those of you that are working with an electric chainsaw you need to know that the fibres on chainsaw trousers will not stop the sprocket in the majority of electric chainsaws. This is because of the constant high torque that an electric chainsaw has.



Choosing Chainsaw Trousers



When it comes to choosing a pair of chainsaw trousers you need to be aware of the fact that there are several different types available, each suitable for a different type of work situation. So you need to know the type of work you will be doing with the petrol chainsaw before selecting a pair of chainsaw trousers. However the aim of chainsaw trousers is to protect against cut protection, so which ever trousers you opt for, ensure that they have cut protection. Each particular pair of chainsaw trousers will specify whether or not they have cut protection.


You also need a pair of chainsaw trousers that have the ability to resist snagging and tearing. Many of the well known brand makes have these capabilities, but it is surprising how many pairs of so called chainsaw trousers do not have this ability. We find this rather disturbing. If a pair od chainsaw trousers can not cope with snagging and tearing how on earth are they going to cope with a chainsaw chain at full velocity? Also when using a chainsaw you will be amongst sharp objects, thorns etc and even splinters of wood. Your chainsaw trousers will continually be under attack.


The elements too should play a part in your selection process. You want chainsaw trousers that can cope with the sun and the rain. Being too hot or too wet can be distracting. A mind that is too preoccupied does not focus properly and a chainsaw requires 100% concentration when using it. Look for trousers that have good ventilation, weather protection barriers and ultra violet protection.


Once you have selected a good pair of chainsaw trousers we would also recommend that you buy braces for these trousers. The trousers may well fit properly and comfortably, but the braces will give you extra security. A bright pair of braces will also give great visibility qualities if they are worn



Chainsaw Chaps


An alternative option to wearing chainsaw trousers is to wear chainsaw chaps. These chainsaw chaps have grown in popularity and are recommended to be worn when working with a chainsaw. Chainsaw injury statistics show that it is the upper part of the leg and knee which are most prone to injury from the chainsaw. The chainsaw chaps are designed to target and protect these most vulnerable areas. You may feel uncomfortable wearing chainsaw chaps and think you look like a modern day John Wayne, but their effectiveness can not be put under question.


When looking for chainsaw chaps you will discover that there are quite a few options available for you. They are constructed out of different materials. One such material is leather and leather, as we all know, is a material that is strong and durable. Leather has the protective qualities of being able to deflect a glancing blow from a chainsaw chain. You can wear these leather chaps over your normal trousers and know that they can deflect any glancing blow from a chainsaw.


Perhaps the most popular type of chainsaw chaps are those that are constructed out of Kevlar. The Kevlar is an added layer wrapped in the protective covering of the chaps and has the ability of stopping a chainsaw chain right in it’s tracks. Many manufacturers use Kevlar in their chainsaw chaps, so if this is the option for you then just check around.

Chainsaw chaps are light to wear and do give the same levels of protection as chainsaw trousers. However they do have the advantage of having no seat which means they are well ventilated and cool to wear. Especially in the summer. They do no inhibit your movement at all and concentrate of specific protection. A good pair should also be resistant to rips and tears from the likes of thorns and splinters.