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Pine Tree

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The majority of pines have thick and scaley bark but there are certain species where the bark is thin and flakey. Branches tend to be in regular pseudo whorls and the spiral growth of the branches, needles and cones are arranged fibonacci number ratios. It is not unusual for a pine to live for 100 - 1000 years.

Pines are monoecious and have both the male and female cones on the same tree. Male cones are quite small reaching a max of 5 cm in length and are only present for a short time, usually in the Spring. They fall from the tree once they have shed their pollen. A female cone can reach a length of 60 cm and takes between 1.5 - 3 years to reach maturity once pollination has taken place. The seeds from the cones are small and winged and dispersed by natural wind. Once the cone reaches maturity it will open and release these seeds.

Pines do grow well in acid soils, but tend to thrive in sandy soils that have good soil drainage. Some though, such as the Lodgepole pine, can put up with poorly drained and wet soils. This point I find quite unusual and hard to believe, but the Bishop pine is a tree that needs fire in order to regenerate. It has been found that their numbers decline under fire suppression regimes.Birds and squirrels feast off pine seeds and some butterfly and moth larvae require pine needles to survive.


Uses Of Pine


Pine is an extremely important tree commercially. It is highly valued for its timber and wood pulp all around the world. Commercially pines are grown in plantations because their timber is a lot more denser and resinous than spruce. This makes the wood more durable. Pine wood is used widely throughtout the carpentry world for making furniture, window frames, floors and roofing. And the pine resin is not wasted either. It can be used as an important source of turpentine.

Many species of pines are attractive looking and are used ornamentally for parks and large gardens. At Christmas time they are also used as Christmas trees. Pine cones are used in a manner of crafts as as the pine needles used for decorative purposes on handicraft products such as baskets.

Once a pine has be logged it has no resistant qualities to insect issues or decay. This makes it more suitable for indoor use within the construction industry, rather than outdoor applications. If pine is left outside after logging it will not last more than 18 months.

Some species of pine have large seeds called pine nuts. They can be used for cooking and baking and are a mainstay of pesto.

The white inner bark of pine is moist and soft and is edible containing high quantities of vitamin A and C. You can eat it raw or grind it in to a power and add it to stews and soups. Native American Indians ate alot of this as im sure Ray Mears has as well.

Tallstrunt in Sweden has high quantities of vitamin A and C in it. It is a tea brewde using young green pine needles.

As a firewood Pine burns well but is a softwood. Crackles and pops and does leave soot.






















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There are about 600 species of the oak tree native to the Northern Hemisphere. They include decidious and evergreen oak tree

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Pines are conifer trees belonging to the genus Pinus. There are around about 125 species of the pine tree. The name pine derives from the latin pinus. Prevously pines were known as firs and they belong to a group of seed producing plants called gymnosperms. The pine tree is native to most of the Northern Hemisphere and have also been introduced to the majoriy of temperate and subtropical regions throughout the world, where they are grown for their timber qualities.

Pines are evergreen trees that grow from 3 - 80 metres tall. The average pine is between 15 and 45 metres tall. The smallest species of pine are the siberian dwarf pine and potosi pinyon and the tallest species are the ponderosa pine.







Christmas Tree


The maple tree has a family of its own, Aceraceae, or together with the Hippocastanaceae family. maple tree

Pines are conifer trees belonging to the genus Pinus. There are around about 125 species of the pine tree. pine tree

A Christmas tree is associated with the celebration of Christmas. Such a tree is usually spruce, pine or fir and they are decorated with lights and tinsel. Modern dat artificial trees are available for those who do not wish to care and maintain a cut tree.



Pine bark chips for the garden

Pine logs

Traditionally Christmas trees were decorated with such items as apples and nuts. From the 18th century candles were added to the decorations and were replaced by Christmas lights with the invention of electricity. These days one can really go overboard with the Christmas tree and allow the imagination to run riot.