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Bonsai Tree Care

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As with any cultivated plant, the bonsai plant requires water, food and protection against predators and the environment. Unlike most cultivated plants though, the miniature bonsai does require daily care.



There are no specific amounts or frequency of watering that a bonsai requires. The amount of watering is dependent upon the environment, exposure to sun, season of the year and the particular bonsai in question. The soil soil also has to be taken in this watering equation as well. The retention qualities of the soil concerning moisture and the amount of soil in the bonsai pot are applicable to the watering equation as well. The only certainty here is that the bonsai does require water. So the use of a moisture meter will prove invaluable in the upkeep of your bonsai plant.

Watering can be done by hand using a hose with a special fitted nozzle to give the required water distribution. Watering cans are a popular choice as they give an even and gentle flow of water to the plant and will not displace any moss. They prove their worth best with small bonsai collections.

In the summer months dunking proves to be a successful way of giving your bonsai their necessary water. Here the bonsai pot is placed in a container of water which is filled to cover the soil and moss. You should leave the bonsai in the dunking dish until the bubbling stops. Once bubbling has stopped remove the bonsai to drain and then replace it back on display.



The aim of bonsai growing is to produce miniature trees. Fertiliser could upset this, so quantities of fertiliser must be observed. Fertiliser should be mixed with the soil or if in a liquid form, applied using the watering can.

Any excess of fertiliser will result in the elongation of shoots and an increase in leaf size. This upsets the whole balance of a bonsai tree, so any added fertiliser will result in more work for the bonsai grower.

Fertiliser that is added to bonsai soil has a lifespan of about a year and any liquid fertiliser can be applied every 2 weeks or so during the growing season.


Bonsai Plant Protection

It doesnt matter what size your bonsai plant is, it is always susceptible to attack from disease or insects. Pincettes are a vital piece of bonsai equipment here. These tweezer type tools are necessary for removing insects during any spraying program you incorporate. One should thoroughly check their bonsai trees once a day for any signs of attack.

Insect attacks come in 2 forms. There are the chewing and biting insects which will feed on foliage and cause visible damage. Secondly there are the sucking insects which hide on the backs of leaves and other hard to see places. They suck out the sap from the bonsai and cause damage from the inside of the bonsai tree. Insecticides will deal with both types of insects.

The most common form of disease with bonsai is fungus disease. White mildew and sooty mould are the ones to keep your eyes open for. White mildew only attacks a few trees and shows up as a white powder patch on the upper surfaces of leafs. If it is not controlled it will spread. Sooty mold appears on stems and leafs. Any tree that is badly affected from sooty mould will look as if it has black foliage. Fungicide can deal with both of these fungus.



Defoliation is the removal of all leaves from a tree in an attempt to force a completely new batch of foliage to come through. Defoliation can be used on trees which have suffered from damage to their leaves from direct sunlight or an onslaught from insect attack.

Defoliation is a dangerous process for the bonsai grower. It could result in the complete destruction of the tree with no recovery. But the positves can outweigh the risks in keeping the bonsai trees beautifully looking.




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