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When you buy a chainsaw you also need to buy yourself the correct chainsaw protective gear. Wearing the correct safety gear when using a chainsaw is of the utmost importance. It only takes a split of a second and you could find yourself in the hospital suffering from a severe chainsaw injury.


The correct safety gear could of prevented this. Never ever consider using your chainsaw without the necessary protection. Items such as a helmet, trousers, jacket and eye are ear protection are the bare minimum. Add correct footwear and chainsaw gloves and your whole torso is suitably protected. This page we shall dedicate to the highly effective chainsaw gloves.


Chainsaw gloves are gloves which have been specially designed for use with a chainsaw. They are constructed out of cut proof fabric and have specific protection on the back of the left hand. Most chainsaw accidents concerning the hands take place on the back of the left hand.


Chainsaw gloves must be flexible, so this does in effect limit the amount of protective padding that they can have. However these days they are being constructed out of lighter and tougher materials.









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Design Of Chainsaw Gloves











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One such way that a petrol chainsaw can prove to be dangerous is when it is subject to kickback. This is where the chainsaw jams and jerks back in the direction of the user towards the body and head. One such natural reaction in this case is to lift the left hand up in order to protect the face, despite the presence of a helmet and face visor. The chainsaw chains will then contact the left hand. Without chainsaw gloves to give you that split second protection, serious injury can occur.


Chainsaw gloves these days can be constructed out of a variety of materials. However all these materials have one common factor in that they are lightweight, yet extremely tough. Some chainsaw gloves will have a nylon inner layer. The aim of these materials on chainsaw gloves is to jam and stop the chain of the chainsaw. When the saw comes in to contact with the gloves the material in theory should catch the chain and cause it to jam. Any chainsaw with a quick safety stop on it will automatically switch off in this instance. But there is also additional protection from chainsaw gloves with inner layers made of such material as Kevlar.

A good quality pair of chainsaw gloves are designed to fit the wearer comfortably and be able to take a lot of abuse from a chainsaw from many years. They are sized up as small, medium and large and most pairs will or should have the most protection in the left hand.


This, as said earlier, is where most hand injuries occur when using a chainsaw. Chainsaw gloves can cost as little as $20 a pair rising in price, depending upon the quality and additional features. Additional features can include leather outer wear, Velcro closure straps and extra padding and protection to the palms of the hands. These features may not be for all, so shop around and compare respective pairs of chainsaw gloves until you find a pair that is ideal for you. You can use the internet for this to read numerous reviews from users or go to your local chainsaw dealership for all the advice you could possibly need.







Quality Chainsaw Gloves Pay Their Own Way


When it comes to buying such items as chainsaw gloves we all have different opinions and requirements. It is quite difficult to actually say which are the best chainsaw gloves available, however what you should be looking for is quality. A quality pair of chainsaw gloves will be expensive, but prove to be cost effective in the long run. A cheap pair will not offer as much protection and will wear out or fall apart in a short space of time. So by buying a cheaper pair will work out to be a false economy in the long wrong.


When it comes to quality in chainsaw gloves, the construction is of all importance. A glove that is thicker and tougher will generally work harder and last longer. One material that provides these qualities is that of leather. Cotton on the other hand will wear out in super speed time. Stitching on the gloves will indicate a quality product. Double stitching or heavy thread is absolutely essential for the chainsaw gloves to be high quality. Loose or thin stitching will break easily and render the chainsaw gloves useless.


Quality chainsaw gloves will also be washable. These gloves can get dirty on the outside and sweaty on the inside. Dried out dirt and sweat will make the chainsaw gloves become stiff and hard to work with. They will be uncomfortable to work with and could cause blistering and other rubbing soreness. Chainsaw gloves that are not washable are throwaway gloves in our opinion.


So when buying chainsaw gloves look for a pair that is good quality. You want a high quality construction and protection properties. The stitching needs to be of a superior standard and the gloves need to be washable. Buying 1 quality pair of chainsaw gloves will last you a long time if they are looked after correctly. Buy the best you can afford and do not compromise on quality.


Choosing Chainsaw Gloves


Working with a petrol chainsaw can be pleasurable and safe providing you are suitably attired with the correct safety protection gear. A good quality pair of chainsaw gloves will go a long way to assisting with this.


When you actually begin to look for chainsaw gloves it will soon become apparent that you are faced with a huge choice. They are constructed differently and of different materials. So you need to whittle the choice down to just a select few pairs to make your choice easier. Go for chainsaw gloves with good tough materials and adequate protection as a minimum requirement.


Size of the chainsaw gloves is very important as well in the selection process. Gloves that are too big will slip and move around, causing rubbing on the hands as well as not being so effective in gripping the chainsaw. Chainsaw gloves that are too small on the other hand will cause blisters and aches to your hands. They tend to restrict the blood flow and after time you will also suffer from cramping. When you have decided on a particular make of chainsaw gloves always try them on before buying. Try both gloves on at the same time and close your fists and simulate working with them. If your hands feel comfortable through all of this and the gloves do not slip around, then they are the perfect fit.


Chainsaw gloves can be purchased from your local chainsaw dealer. This is the method that we recommend. You are in a position to try the gloves on and scrutinize them for quality aspects. Buying over the internet is the way of the world these days and it is a good shopping tool. However with such items as chainsaw gloves we are not so sure. You order the gloves without seeing them or trying them on for size. If the chainsaw gloves are a brand name that you have bought before in the same size then this will work as you have already experienced using those particular gloves.


Chainsaw gloves are affordable and prove to be money well spent. There is no price on personal safety in out opinion. There is one Captain Hook in Peter Pan, that is enough in out opinion. And just a thought as we are writing this. What was Captain Hook’s name before he lost his hand? We have no idea this end!