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How To Prevent Mold And Mildew Getting In To Your Caravan

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How To Remove Mold And Mildew From Your Caravan

Any mold or mildew left unattended in your caravan can eat away at the walls and floor of your caravan. As well as being toxic, mold is a problem that needs to be eliminated. Preventative measures are necessary, such as constantly monitoring your caravan with a caravan moisture meter, but if mold does set in then there are a few steps to take to remove it.

1- Before embarking on removing mold, ensure that you are wearing the correct protective clothing. You need gloves, mask and some over garment.

2- Use washing up liquid or vinegar mixed in water. Do not use bleach.

3- Scrub the area thoroughly using your water mix and a scrubbing brush.

4- After scrubbing ensure that the area is thoroughly dried.

5- After drying take some clove oil and water and spray the treated area to prevent mold returning.

6- Use some moisture absorbing crystals to assist in preventing the mold returning again.


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Any caravan that is kept open to the elements all year round can become very susceptible to damp and damp related problems if proper precautions are not taken to prevent this.

Damp can invade your caravan through damaged seals, poor plumbing and inadequate cleaning. Without treatment you will find yourself having real problems as both mold and mildew can flourish in a damp caravan. This can be a huge risk to your health and the condition of your caravan itself.

If mold and mildew are allowed to take hold in your caravan, you will have big problems. They both thrive in environments of high humidity, darkness and hidden away places. Just imagine opening your caravan after a period of inactivity and being hit by a deep and pungent smell. Not welcoming at all and on entering your caravan you discover black spots of mold everywhere. Deeply dreadful situation to be in. But not the end of the world!



Absolute Moisture Meter GMK 210

This GMK 210 moisture meter can be used for testing buildings and boats, but also happens to be ideal for testing caravan moisture levels. It is a non destructive moisture meter which gives it´s results both visually and acoustically. Being very simple to use, this moisture meter is simply held against any surface in the caravan you wish to test and the results come pretty much instantly. The moisture meter can be used to determine if there is any increased moisture levels up to a depth of 25 mm and alert you as to whether further action needs to be taken.



Non destructive

% display

Visual and acoustic results

2 measuring depths 10mm/25mm

Backlit display

Automatic switch off

Impact resistant body

Dimensions of 106 x 67 x 30 mm

Weight 145 g

Low battery warning

Hold function




Mold can be a huge problem for you in your caravan. It can be difficult to remove and prove to be an expensive and time consuming task.

Preventing mold from occuring is the route to take and there are a few tips worth following to prevent mold appearing.

1- It is a good idea to clean and vacuum your caravan on a regular basis. Make sure that all surfaces remain clean and dry. You can remove any bacteria from surfaces using a disinfectant.

2- When your caravan is inactive you should open it up on a regular basis to allow some air flow in to it.

3- Before the caravan season starts you should give your caravan a huge once over spring clean. Both inside and out is the way to go.

4- You need to always reduce humidity inside the caravan. You can do this by opening the door or windows on a regular basis. This should be done particularly after a shower or after having cooked a meal.

5- Perform a maintenance check on the caravan now and again. Check for any leakages or any damage to the caravan which might attrach mold growth.

6- Always check inside cupboards and cabinets in the caravan and ensure that they are always clean and dry.

7- If you spill any liquids inside the caravan always wipe up immediately. You dont want water to stand.

8- When you have finished using your caravan for the season you should always wipe it down beofre locking it up.

9- It is always well worth having good quality moisture control devices in your caravan to control high humidity, trap water droplets and help keep condensation down to a minimum. For good quality moisture control products for your caravan, Kontrol Products are well worth your time in checking out.


Options Available For Managing Moisture Levels In Your Caravan

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Having looked in to the damp issue with caravans and having experienced the problem at first hand, research has given us two main choices to deal with this.

1- Moisture removing crystals which simply suck moisture out of the air and trap it. They are easy to use, clean and cheap to buy.

On the flip side they are chemicals, pets can lick them up and they do have to be replaced on a regular basis.

When using moisture removing crystal you only require a small amount of crystals so they are very cost effective.

2- A dehumidifier specially designed for use with caravans. These are small and easy to use, are very effective, pet safe, do not use chemicals and you do not need to have to keep buying new crystals.

On the flip side the water collection box needs to be emptied regularly and they can sometimes leak and leave small puddles.


Buying A Caravan Moisture Meter

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Mold and mildew if left unattended can cause your caravan walls and floors to rot over time. They also release toxic spores into the atmosphere which can cause headaches, coughing, nausea and dizziness to name a few symptons. Mold can form in patches very quickly in environments of warmth and high moisture content. But the appropriate action can stop this growth in its tracks.

Eliminating moisture from your caravan will show immediate effects. The basic elements of keeping a caravan mold free are to always keep surfaces dry and clean, wipe up any spillages and keep the caravan well ventillated with good quality moisture control products such as a dehumidifier.

Significant Effects Of Mold And Mildew In Your Caravan

1- Allergic reactions are common to mold spores. When inhaled the body can react severly to them. Breathing can become difficult and you may experience sneezing, coughing, runny nose and watery eyes.

2- For asthma sufferers breathing in mold spores can cause bronchial spasms in the lungs. This leads to coughing, tight chest, breath shortness and a full on asthma attack.

3- Anyone with a weakened immune system can fall victim to mold spores. Infections can be caused, usually beginning in the lungs.

4- A prolonged exposure to mold and mildew can have neurological effects. Such issues as memory loss, fatigue, migraines and even mood swings can occur.

5- The skin can also suffer from exposure to mold spores. Skin rashes and eczema can occur. A prolonged exposure can lead to viral and bacterial infections.