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Wagner L607 Wood Flooring Moisture Meter


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Dual depth pinless technology


Moisture detection range of 5% - 30%


Analogue display


Measuring depth capabilities of 1/2" of an inch


Non intrusive


Designed for the use with wood flooring and any waterborne finish applications


Only for use on finely sanded surfaces










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The Wagner L607 moisture meter is a specialist meter designed for waterborne finish applicators & flooring installers

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Length       4 9/16”


Width        2 ¾”


Height        1 1/16”


Weight       0.39 lbs


Power        9 volt battery

The Wagner L607 is a specialist meter that has just been designed for the use with wood flooring waterborne finish applications. It only works properly on finely sanded surfaces and will let you know when the wooden flooring is ready for the next coat of finish to be applied.

This meter has been calibrated to read waterborne finish applications and to measure just surface moisture so that you know when is the correct time to apply the next coat of finish. It is a lightweight unit with an analogue display that takes away any guesswork on the job you are working with. Because it incorporates the usual high spec Wagner technology, the meter can scan many pieces of wood flooring in a matter of seconds and give accurate results.

Using The Wagner L607 Moisture Meter



To take a moisture reading with the Wagner L607 you press the bottom of the meter on to the wood surface and a reading will be given. This model has an automatic shut off which kicks in after 60 seconds of inactivity.

On the front of the meter is a low battery indicator which will light up when the battery becomes low on power. Before leaving the factory the meter will have been calibrated by Wagner.


Waterborne finishes can be quickly and easily scanned between applications with the Wagner L607. Before beginning to apply a finish to the wood you need to check the base moisture content of the wood before you apply a coat of finish. Make a note of this reading. After applying a coat of finish you scan the wood again and make a note of the higher moisture reading. Keep scanning over a period of time until the moisture content reading you get matches the original base level before you applied finish to the wood. When the reading is back to base level you know you are ready to apply another coat of finish.


For checking wood veneer you need to stack the veneer in to a tight and separate stack. Electro static discharge can occur with veneer and you need to prevent this to get a precise reading. So you need to ground the veneer by attaching a wire and running the wire up and down the stack of veneer to discharge the static. Alternatively the moisture meter user can have Velcro wrist band.


For wood that is thinner than the scan depth of the meter you must create an air gap under the wood before testing. The air gap should be about 1 inch and there should be nothing under the wood, particularly no metal.

The moisture meter is an expensive product and quite sensitive so you need to store it correctly to keep it in tip top working condition. Never store it in extremely hot or extremely cold places and do always store it inside it’s case.

Your moisture meter will have been calibrated at the Wagner factory and not re-calibration again. However if problems or issues do occur and you need a calibration adjustment, then the meter must be returned to the Wagner factory to be re-calibrated properly.

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