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Delmhorst P-2000 Moisture Meter


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Clear digital display


3 scales


Built in calibration check


Takes up to 100 accumulated readings


Built in connector


Integral contact pins


Rugged construction


Display average and high readings


Moisture range for paper 4.3% - 18%


Moisture range for baled scrap 5% - 40%


Audible alarms


0.1% precision








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The Delmhorst P-2000 moisture meter has been designed for use with paper and other fibrous materials. It is a pint type meter with integrated contact pins that can be used on materials up to an inch thick. There is also an external probe which can be used with this meter on thicker materials. The readings you receive come on a very clear and bright digital display and the unit can store up to 100 readings. The in built alarm system on this moisture meter can alert the user when/if a particular moisture content level has been reached.

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Length       8”


Width        3”


Height        1 5/8”


Weight       10 ounces


Power        9 volt battery

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